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How to Choose the Best Incident Management Software

By: Gemma Moss


Incident Management Software

When you are upgrading your company’s IT services, one thing you should look for is a good incident management software. Choosing the right software can completely change how your company handles any IT incidents so it is important that you find the right one. Here are some features you should keep an eye out for so you know that you have the best incident management software available.


You ideally want an incident management software which can be integrated with other useful software to give you one coherent IT program. This is important as it allows your technicians to work a lot faster as it means that they are not clicking around between multiple programs to find a solution. Everything is exactly where they need it and is able to be integrated with any existing programs they made decide they want to still use.

Automatic Ticketing

When an employee lodges a complaint with the incident management software, a ticket should be lodged within the system with all the details of their complaint. The software should then be able to analyze the severity of the situation and then reorder all of the existing tickets to best accommodate for this new situation. The more complex a situation is, the higher priority the system should be able to give it.

Employee Support

The right incident management software will also have a self-help database on it to help employees sort out issues on their own. This type of software is invaluable if you only have a few employees to deal with the issues of an entire company. Anyone who logs a complaint in the software will be offered a few quick self-help guides to see if they are able to solve their issue themselves. Giving employees the chance to sort out these issues on their own allows for the IT staff members to focus on any task which is more pressing.

Remote Access

As an IT specialist, your employee might not be in the same building as the computer which is having the issues. Likewise, if you own an IT company then you may deal with many outsourced clients who are located miles away or even in other countries. To be able to help them successfully, you are probably going to need to be able to access their computers from your own office. Therefore, you need a software which has an inbuilt remote access function ready to be used whenever it is needed. Being able to access a client’s computer in this manner will greatly speed up any checks or tests you are able to do and can help you resolve issues much more promptly.

If you are looking for a new incident management software then you should look for one with as many of the above features as possible. Anything which can combine all of these features into one package is sure to help you out and completely streamline the way you handle your incident management. Take a look online and see what is available to you now.

Published: June 24, 2019

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