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How to Cut the Cable and Maintain a Wireless Workplace

By: Scott Resnick


Cut the Cable and Maintain a Wireless Workplace

The advantages of a wireless workplace are undisputed. You’ll enjoy fast, reliable service, amazing on-demand scalability, and the ability to access office data from across the globe. Despite all these benefits, many business owners are still reluctant to cut the cable. We’re here to persuade you that migrating your company to the cloud isn’t an expensive, stressful, or even time-consuming experience, especially if you follow our suggested tips below. With cloud computing, the bright future of business is waiting on our corporate doorsteps, and it’s prime time to invite it inside.

Choosing the Best Cloud Provider

To ensure a successful migration into the cloud, you must select a well-regarded cloud provider, who can meet your company’s unique needs. When you speak with their representative, ask if the provider has installed and managed similar workplaces within your industry. For instance, don’t choose a cloud computing company that only services firms of 100 employees when you’re a 400-person operation! If you’re within the Houston Metro area, TTI is an excellent choice for your business. Armed with the latest in cloud technology and nearly 30 years’ experience, we offer state-of-art wireless services and 24/7 monitoring at a lower cost than our competitors. To learn more, contact us, and a knowledgeable representative will be in touch within 24 hours.

Preparing for Cloud Migration

Don’t move a single file into the cloud before creating a detailed action plan. Migration isn’t a process your company should rush. Before going wireless, ensure that your data is backed up. You don’t want to risk losing any documents. It’s also necessary that every employee in your office is well-informed about cloud computing, including how to reduce security breaches and keep company data safeguarded.

During the migration into the cloud, start by moving a handful of records. If they migrate successfully, keep going. If not, talk to your service provider and regroup to try again.

Sustaining a Wireless Workplace’s Future

After the migration is complete, it’s essential to maintain open communication channels with your employees. Is everyone comfortable using the new technology? Did any files fail to migrate correctly? Does the network ever seem to near levels of overcapacity?

Beyond these periodic meetings to touch base, a wireless workplace sustains itself. After cutting the cable, you won’t be responsible for installing replacement technology or afflicted with the financial burden of urgent system repairs. Since remote operators frequently update these cloud computing systems, your cloud system will effortlessly evolve with your growing company as the years roll on.

Published: January 24, 2018

Source: TTI Houston

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