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6 Ways You Could Go Wrong with Your Mobile App Development

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6 Ways You Could Go Wrong with Your Mobile App Development

Today, mobile apps have become extremely popular, and these are taking the mobile experience to a great new level. If you are currently running a business or you have a terrific entrepreneurial idea and want to convert it into an app, then mobile application development is the right way forward.

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However, while developing a mobile app, even many seasoned entrepreneurs, developers, and development companies alike are prone to making mistakes. Actually, some of the mistakes can be quite disastrous, and can veer your entrepreneurial business and app development plans off course.  So let’s take a look at some of the potential and actual mistakes that many entrepreneurs and mobile app developers make:

  1. Considering your app on similar lines as a web experience: Many entrepreneurs start off with the notion that an app is a diminutive copy of a website. This concept is fundamentally incorrect. The function of a web app is quite different from that of a website. The scope of a mobile app is also different from a website. Hence, considering both on similar lines can be dangerous for the health of your mobile app and could put your mobile app development plans in serious jeopardy.
  2. Including bloated features as part of your app development: Consider which features are most important as part of your minimum viable product (MVP). As an entrepreneur, you might not need anything beyond this. Anything above that will be considered as a bloated version and will leave a bad taste in the mouth of the users and reviewers alike. Thus, try out your minimum set of features which are most likely to be accepted by your core audience, and as suggested before, never condense your web experience as part of your mobile experience.
  3. Not considering alternative platforms: Many entrepreneurs get confused at the outset about which platform they need to choose to develop their app. While considering iOS, they tend to leave out Android and vice versa. Thus, you need to be sure about which platform you are targeting and which other platform you should include or avoid. However, building for all available platforms right at the start is also a bad idea, since you do not know which platform your target audience would prefer.
  4. Not having any particular marketing plans for your app. In your entrepreneurial spirit, you might get confused at the outset about which marketing plan you would need for your app. You could even wonder about whether to go in for a subscription model or even launch your app using the free/freemium approach along with in-app purchases. Fortunately, you can look at other apps of your app’s genre and discover how they are monetized and how they are marketed. Remember, once you launch your app, it is surely going to be tossed into a sea of competitors and could face extremely tough competition from them.
  5. Providing poor user experience: The apps that were opened just once and discarded stand at a significant 26%. This means that users are unforgiving when it comes to poor web experience. They know the straight way out, which is to uninstall your app. The best way out is to beta test your mobile app for user experience and also ask friends and acquaintances to test the user experience your app offers.
  6. Project Mismanagement: Many entrepreneurs make this mistake. A mobile app development project requires significant management experience including technical, execution, and marketing skills. Hire a professional development manager or a professional app development company if you haven’t managed any project lately. This will help you save time, effort, as well as money.

These are just a few ways in which you could damage or impair your mobile application development plans as an entrepreneur. Early rectification of your plans, however, can salvage your mobile app project, which could be doomed otherwise.

Author Bio: Shivani Ajmerani works for Fusion Informatics Ltd., a custom iPhone application development company in India. In her free time she loves to play games on her iPad. You can follow her on twitter @shivaniajmerani

Published: October 7, 2015

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