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6 Essential Tech Tools for Your Startup

By: Shahbaz Ahmed


Essential Tech Tools for Your Startup

Technological access is proving to be a huge asset for small business owners, levelling the playing field for all entrepreneurs to compete with big businesses. Choosing the right technology is crucial as it can help you grow productivity, stay updated and connect with potential customers, giving you an edge over your opponents.

Many well-intentioned businesses fail, however, because they did not have a concrete plan, a good strategy and a dedicated team passionate enough to drive that strategy forward. Mostly, they lacked the technology that could put them ahead of their competitors.

Hence choosing the right technology is essential and an essential step. This article tells you which tech you need, but an informative technology blog targeted to the subject can also help you determine which features you would need specific to your business.

1. A Website Hosting Service

In today’s world, an online presence for any business is essential and an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs. To run a website, you need a web hosting service to operate it. The web host saves files that make up the website on the server which is then uploaded onto the internet. Also, on your website you can connect to customers via online chat support, one-click support or they can send you email. This can be a great way to advertise your business to the relevant people and compete by giving better service than your competitors.

2. Cart Software

If you have a business in which you want to sell various products or services then you will need shopping cart software. This will help you accept payments from customers through your website. The software is aimed to offer credit card processing services as well as other online payment services like PayPal. It also can calculate additional costs like shipping and taxes. While customer can shop online, you can keep track of the sales.

3. Online Business Proposal Service

Before you start any business, you must have a solid plan. However, to pitch the idea to potential sponsors, you would need to turn that into a business plan. A business plan service will provide you with tools and templates to convert your idea into a money-making venture. The tools help simplify the data into charts and illustrations, which allows the sponsors have a grasp on the concept. They also have a feature that could help update these plans and keep track of the changes over time.

4. Management Software

To make any business plan, successful business owners need to have maximum productivity in their office. Time tracking and management software allows managing time and monitoring the richness of the employees. It records the departures, working hours, overtime and vacation of employees. Also, it can help calculate the cost and invoices of customers. This tool can prove to be essential at the time, receiving payments and paying employees their salary.

5. Storage of Data Online

All data must be stored and protected. The best way to store data is by using online storage services which help recover any lost data in case of accidental erasure and data theft. Since that data is stored, business owners can get access to it anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. So for business data, the best place is an online data storage service.

6. Anti-virus Software

In the 21st century, all businesses have their work on company computers and data is stored. Those computers are also connected to the internet, which makes them vulnerable to virus attacks. Hence an anti-virus is essential so that the information is protected. The anti-virus software guards the computer against all viruses, spyware, malware, and Trojans. Without an anti-virus program, business owners could face problems like stolen data, ideas and information.

Published: December 5, 2019

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