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6 Benefits of Custom Software Development for Small Business

By: Andrew Deen


Prepare for the Most Expensive Part of Software Development

For most small business owners working in today’s modern age, utilizing software to support business functions is a vital aspect of running a business. Unfortunately, existing software may not have all of the functionality that one needs to perform at a high, productive level.

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to dodge this formidable challenge. By developing custom software for one’s small business, one can avoid many of the pitfalls of trying to force generic software to one’s needs.

Here are six benefits of custom software development for small business.

  1. Custom Software is Unique to One’s Business Needs

Today, there is no shortage of generic software out there for business owners to take advantage of. While many of these may have impressive functions, it’s more than likely that they don’t have specific functions and nuance that every small business owner needs for their distinct business.

Unfortunately, this means that small business owners will have to purchase multiple software and constantly add new updates and upgrades to get all of the capabilities they’re looking for. Fortunately, this can be avoided.

Though the upfront costs of creating custom software for one’s small business may be higher, ultimately, it’ll be more convenient for small business owners. Creating custom software means that small business owners will be able to have one singular software that is able to perform all of the necessary functions and grow sustainably with one’s small business.

  1. Custom Software Can Be Updated as Frequently as One Wants

When it comes to generic software, updates and upgrades only come as often as the software company wants. What this means for small business owners is that they may be left waiting for updates they sorely need, and their businesses may suffer as a result.

With custom software, small businesses don’t need to worry about this. Custom software can be updated, altered, and strengthened whenever one chooses without having to wait for or depend on a third-party entity.

  1. Custom Software Is Easier to Scale Up and Down

For most small businesses, the ultimate goal is to grow sustainably and eventually scale up to become a medium or large-sized business. In these scenarios, using generic software could prove to be a nightmare as this will require constantly swapping out old software for new ones whenever one’s small business has a change in scale.

When small business owners craft custom software, however, the process of scaling — either up or down — becomes far simpler. Custom software can be easily tweaked to accommodate a small business’s needs whenever they scale, such as adding specific data processing functions.

This could mean adding features, taking away features, or changing how the software functions. Whatever changes small business owners need to make in order to scale, custom software can streamline the process and make it relatively effortless when compared to generic software.

  1. Custom Software Is Safer and More Secure

When small business owners craft custom software for their businesses, the only people with intimate knowledge of the software are the developer and those working for the business. When it comes to generic software from software companies, this couldn’t be further from the case.

Cybercriminals are aware of the different big-name software out there and, as a result, have a deeper knowledge of their defenses and how to exploit them. For small business owners, this could mean that one is more vulnerable to being hacked and having private information stolen or held for ransom.

With custom software, cybercriminals have no frame of reference for their defenses and intricacies. Given the fact that it is unique, it will ultimately act as an added layer of protection that has the potential to deter cybercriminals and keep one’s small business safer and more secure.

  1. Custom Software Is Cheaper Over Time

For many small business owners, the seemingly high upfront costs of developing custom software are enough to deter them from the idea. The irony, of course, is the fact that crafting custom software will save them money over time as their business grows and changes.

When one buys existing software, one will have to constantly buy add-ons and training sessions that will eventually end up costing more than the initial cost of custom software. On the other hand, creating custom software allows one to integrate all of the functions that one needs without having to change it over time and spend money to make necessary changes.

  1. Custom Software Typically Comes with a Dedicated Team

When small business owners buy existing software from a large company, any time they need help they’ll be at the whim of a third party. If one’s software stops working for some reason, it could be days before a specialist tries to fix the problem as others using the software may be having the same problems.

Custom software, however, will typically come with a dedicated team of software developers that is quick and mindful. Given the high upfront costs and distinct nature of crafting custom software, teams who do this will typically be very good about maintaining software thoroughly and quickly remedying any problems that arise.

As a small business owner, it’s more than likely that one values the ability to quickly solve problems and the ability to call upon a dedicated team at any time. As such, it becomes abundantly clear that custom software is perfect for any small business owner who truly cares about their business.

Custom Software Is Perfect for Small Business

Though the initial costs of creating custom software may seem intimidating, almost all small business owners can benefit from creating custom software for their enterprise. It can help you learn how to develop a courier management system or support a customer database for your flower shop. From being able to scale one’s business easily and effortlessly to saving money over time, the benefits of creating custom software are seemingly endless.

While it can be daunting to take the leap, small business owners who decide to create their own custom software will have an easier time running their business and finding success.

Published: January 10, 2023

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