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5 Tools to Kickstart Your Mobile App Development

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Tools to Kickstart Your Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is one of the biggest factors in growing your businesses. It makes your services more accessible, maximizes user engagement, and increases your brand’s exposure to your target audience. With the plethora of mobile apps and flexibility of mobile platforms, mobile app development has become a necessity for business growth. Here are a few mobile app development tools that will help you build, launch, promote and optimize your mobile app:


Bizness apps make it possible for you to build enticing, functional and unique mobile apps for your business. It includes a DIY-style mobile app builder and can quickly gather content and any other crucial information from your website. This includes images, RSS feeds and social media posts. Designing apps with Bizness apps is easy. It lets you choose from templates and easily follow the most appropriate layouts for mobile touch displays. And, if you have unique ideas for your app, it also allows you to customize the templates from scratch. Since Bizness apps provide you with a real-time preview of all the enhancements, the development time required will be considerably reduced.


Today almost every company is offering top-notch mobile app development services for businesses who are looking to get their job done the right way. You can get their services for designing unique mobile games as well as apps for Facebook. Temok’s team will help you develop mobile app projects through all the stages. That includes conceptualization, design, development, debugging, publishing and support. During the project, you can also provide feedback at any phase to ensure that everything turns out the way you want. It lets you easily handle the project and lets you eliminate all speculation and save yourself from the challenges of mobile app development.

One of the challenges that online businesses face when it comes to app development is measuring the value of their targeted ads. While marketing your mobile app, you can face challenges in tracking where your users are coming from. You will have an exact measurement of how many users are using your mobile app, but you need to know where the original “click” came from to optimize your promotion strategy.


TUNE is a tool that can help you measure the performance of your marketing channels by closely tracking your mobile app installs and finding where your users are coming from. TUNE generates a unique device fingerprint every time a user clicks on an ad. And, after installing the SDK (Software Development Kit), it will send the fingerprint back to the tracking servers. You can even track and monitor all the clicks across several campaigns.


Tapstream offers mobile attribution tracking to find where your users originate from. The tool also has other ground-breaking features that can enhance your mobile marketing strategies, including referral campaigns, onboarding links and campaign landers.


KISSmetrics is basically an analytics tool, which is used by online businesses to customize their marketing campaigns. It can also be used to easily and effectively track mobile metrics, whether it is for a website or a smartphone app. It also offers Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for monitoring usage patterns in mobile apps. One of the key benefits of KISSmetrics is it lets you track any specific event.

I hope the above-mentioned tools will help you accelerate business growth.

Author: Ashfaq Ahmad is passionate about technology and digital marketing and writes about mobile technology. At present he is working with AppInventiv Technologies – a leading Mobile App Development Company based in India.

Published: April 8, 2016

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