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5 Tools to Enhance Your Customer Experience

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Tools to Enhance Your Customer Experience

Customer experience comes as a by-product of customer service. The best customer experiences will be the sum of the quality interactions between the customer and the company. Every organization should have the answer to this basic question: “Do we have happy customers”? If the answer is no, then we should be using technology to create a better customer experience. You can always enhance customer experiences by using various tools to increase the responsive website design and best-in-class customer support capabilities. Innovative marketers know that the key to delivering tailored experiences to customers is based on their individual interests.

Here are 5 tools that make it possible for your business:

1. Tagove Live Chat

The one-stop solution to managing customer service with a live chat feature can be found right here with Tagove Live Chat. It specializes in live chat and allows customers to reach the agents directly without any additional cost. It represents one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for live chat because Tagove is laced with a plethora of features.

Best Features:

  • Accessed on all platforms like the internet, phones and tablets
  • Various useful extensions and plugins for an easy, live chat
  • Integrated speech recognition tools, like Voice-Over IP (VoIP )


  • Two-way or one-way video feature for customers allows them the freedom to make a video call without sharing their facial identity
  • Text chat feature with instant file sharing helps customers better explain their queries
  • Co-browsing enabled with screen-sharing makes it easy to solve customers’ queries in real time
  • Video conferencing and live call recording monitors customer service more-efficiently

2. Conversocial

Conversocial is a software solution that enables customer service centers across various social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter. It covers a wide range of domains with its Auto Conversation Distribution (ACD) system. The platform is simple with an easy-to-use interface.

Best Features:

  • Real-time monitoring and tracking module
  • Complete customer insights


  • Unified box for easy sorting of social media profiles
  • Collaborative features like internal notes, routing and a unified queue make it easy to work with
  • Enables syncing of customer information into existing CRM systems
  • Delivery of personalized customer experience
  • Feedback related to customer experiences are combined with other insights to allow it to deliver exceptional results

3. TextMagic

TextMagic, as the name suggests, is a unique text messaging service with a myriad of features for business Short Message Service (SMS) platforms. It is the most cost-effective way to send short and swift text messages to customers, employees or business partners in very efficient way.

Best features:

  • Dedicated SMS gateway Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate with businesses
  • Global SMS reaches across 200+ countries
  • Bulk SMS distribution


  • Import and manage accounts through a single personalized account that sends texts online and hassle-free
  • Conversion of email into SMS makes the work simple on the go
  • It facilitates the receiving of SMS online
  • Online SMS chat features for remote communication with staff and customers equally
  • Ability to set alerts and reminders

4. Desk

Desk is a unique customer support software that is perfect for small businesses and rapidly-growing companies. The end-to-end customer support engine is best-suited for administrators and professionals to be able to view and deliver fast customer service from a single location.

Best features:

  • Fully-dedicated mobile support
  • End-to-end case management with intelligent tools
  • Productivity tools for streamlined workflow


  • A multi-language support system in over 36 languages
  • Custom design for faster support to the customers
  • It features a centralized location with one inbox which offers multi-channel support
  • Advanced reporting features to help provide insights into customer activity
  • Purely analytical dashboard with quick graphs feature

5. Medallia.com

Medallia is a Silicon Valley venture that simplifies the process of improving customer experiences with their dedicated features and tools. They claim to increase the Net Promoter Score (NPS) by five or more points for their customers. Medallia follows the step-by-step guided approach to improving customer service. It captures customer feedback, analyzes it and performs actions to improve it. Customers can set goals and track progress that will be visible to everyone, all the way up to the CEO.

Best Features:

  • Easy-to-use interface with intuitive graphics
  • Tailored and relevant reports to provide a peek into every employee’s role
  • Real-world tests performed to continually improve the customer experience
  • Real-time monitoring with analytics
  • Award-winning native text analytic engine that offers multilingual support


  • The customer feedback is facilitated through every channel like SMS, geo-fencing, survey URLs, QR codes, etc.
  • Native mobile apps for iOS and Android make it easy to connect with customers on the go
  • It integrates all CRM vendors like Salesforce, SAP and Siebel for sales agents to identify up-sell opportunities
  • The customer analytics also include the financial metrics
  • Unified reporting of CX data

Technology alone won’t improve customer experiences, but if it is integrated at a human workplace, it can do a lot. These tools will definitely help you get most out of your customer services. If you identify any more tools please comment in the below.

Author: Sawaram Suthar is a digital marketing geek, helping small and medium business grow their businesses. He is founder at Jagat Media – Digital marketing agency. Anyone can reach him @sawarams or via his personal blog thenextscoop.com

Published: July 12, 2016

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