Video surveillance will deter theft and improve the security of your business. In order to get the most from your Video Surveillance System, it is important that you position each camera properly to obtain the optimum benefit. This will allow you to obtain a greater ROI for expense of installing your system.
I-Tech Security has many years of experience in providing businesses in NYC, Nassau and Suffolk county with surveillance systems that help them improve their security and we have implemented a simple strategy for where to place your surveillance cameras.
This is the first and most important place to put your cameras. Locating cameras by the entry and exit points allows you to have an accurate record of anyone who entered or exited your business, which may prove extremely valuable in the event of a burglary or employee and/or liability issues.
We recommend placing surveillance cameras at the following entry and exit points:
  • Front Door
  • Rear Door
  • Employee Entrance
  • Delivery Door
  • Emergency Fire Exits
Employee Areas
Do you think your employees are working as hard when you are not there? Silly question. Watching your business and your employees while you are away is one of the most important reasons to install a video surveillance system in the first place. Cameras should be placed in all productivity areas including but not limited to: customer service areas, machinery, storage rooms, employee break rooms, food prep areas, etc. Periodic viewing while you are away and letting your employees know that you are doing so will reduce employee theft tremendously. Many businesses lose 2-5% of gross sales due to employee theft. An astonishing figure! 
Valuables or Restricted Areas
Depending on the type of business you run, you may have specific areas that theft or problems may occur. For example, a business will want to watch its cash registers, money counting rooms, server rooms, inventory, safe and delivery areas. Every business has valuable assets that can be protected by understanding where to place your surveillance cameras.
Outdoor Areas
Most businesses could also benefit from the use of video surveillance on the outside of their locations. Monitoring the vehicles used by the business and recording parking lot activity may help with theft and liability issues. Outdoor cameras can also act as a deterrent for illegal activities such as vandalism and graffiti.
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