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How Do I Make My Business Secure?

Security is a major concern for any business. However, the security needs for every organization differ, depending on what they intend to protect. Businesses have to assess the various security challenges facing them and come up with appropriate mechanisms to enable them secure items such as money, inventory, and business data. In addition, they must protect the safety and lives of their employees.

How can I secure my business?
1. Physical Threats
Most business security threats have to do with people trying to access business property or assets without permission. The common security breaches that they have to deal with are in the form of intruders, burglars, and vandals, who may be out to steal or destroy property. For this reason, organizations need to deploy appropriate physical access control mechanisms and security systems to keep away unwanted persons from accessing sensitive areas, and valuable assets within the premises. A good example would be intruder and burglar alarm systems, which are fitted with motion and vibration sensors to detect break-ins.
2. Disasters
Businesses face great risks from disasters such as fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Organizations have to be prepared to combat these hazards since they can lead to property damage, and/or cause body injury or death. Business alarm systems are ideal for preventing these threats. Various sensors are fitted to detect the threats and send an alert to the alarm monitoring center.
3. Data Theft
Nowadays, organizations use computerized systems to store their business data. As such, precautions must be taken to prevent hackers from tampering with the business data. There are three major ways of protecting business data:
  • Antivirus Software: These programs offer protection from computer viruses and other forms of malicious code that can be used by hackers to damage business data.
  • Firewalls: Computer networks are vulnerable to attacks from over the Internet. Using firewalls, you can secure your business network from such hacking attempts. 
  • Passwords: Password systems enable organizations to assign users roles to their employees. As such, only authorized employees are able to access business data. The access is limited to the specific roles that each employee has been assigned within the organization.
This article was originally published by I-Tech
Published: July 12, 2013

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