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Business Alarm System Pricing

The past few decades have seen the concept of the business alarm system evolve dramatically to offer organizations better security for their property. In particular, the technology used in the alarms has improved tremendously to offer a broad range of new features. Modern alarm systems have gone a notch higher to offer protection from the traditional threats of intrusion and burglary, as well as a new range of threats such as fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, flooding, freezing temperatures, and heat. As the technology matured, it became cheaper and available to more security system manufacturers, who in turn were able to use it to produce more affordable products. 

How Much Does a Business Alarm System Cost?
There are numerous security alarm companies in the market offering a wide variety of alarm system brands, designs, and devices. As such, there is no standard price; each company offers competitive prices for their products and services. This is very beneficial to consumers since it enables them to find a system with the range of features that satisfies their needs as well as budget. A breakdown of the cost of installing an alarm system includes:
  • Installation Charge: This usually covers the cost of the alarm equipment including the keypads, motion sensors, door contacts, and glass sensors among others.
  • Monthly Fee: The introduction of monitored alarm systems lead to the evolution of home and business alarms from simple products to a service. Security companies came up with a monthly monitoring fee or annual service rate that is to be paid for the entire contract period. This covers the cost of monitoring and response. Most security alarm companies offer fixed 3 to 5-years contracts, though a few providers like I-Tech Security offer flexible contracts with month-to-month obligation.
  • Warranty: Security companies usually charge extra for their warranty.
  • Extra Features: The basic business alarm system provides protection against burglary and intrusion. However, modern alarm systems include more specialized features that enable users to monitor threats such as heat, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide levels, rising water and freezing temperatures. These additional features are charged extra.
Published: August 7, 2013

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