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5 Essential Ways to Secure Your Office Building

Essential Ways to Secure Your Office Building

Your office building needs to be a safe environment. Not only to protect the operations of the business, but to protect those who work inside the building. So how do you keep your building secured with today’s continued risks for security? Let’s find out.

Electronic Door Locks

One of the best ways to secure a building is by locking the door. Luckily, there are tons of ways to go about this to make sure those who need access to areas in the building have what they need while keeping those who don’t need to be there, out. Electronic locks make this a simple process because they provide your building with programmable keys. That means you can program specific keys to have access to specific doors. Maybe all the keys have access to the front door, but only executives and janitors can access the 7th floor. These keys can be used on everything from doors to elevators, and they are a great way to secure all the areas of your building that need secured. If you someone doesn’t have a key, they won’t even be able to get through the front door.

Security Cameras

Having security cameras on your building is a great way to keep the building secured. It provides the building with the ability to have eyes in all places, even if there isn’t someone there. A mobile video system can help your company cut costs on security needs by equipping your security team with remote security cameras that monitor your grounds. Having eyes in every corner can help you deter criminal activity before it happens, or protect you from the backlash of a crime gone wrong. Don’t get blindsided by a crime on your grounds, have eyes on it by equipping your building with security cameras.

Window Sensors

Sometimes criminals will target the windows of a building as a quick and easy way to gain access to a building. The best way to fight against that easy access is by installing window sensors. These sensors can detect breaks and other issues that can trigger your security system. If there is a break in through a window, your security system will contact the authorities before you even know it has happened.

Network Security

Criminals can gain access to your building beyond physically walking through a door or breaking a window. In today’s society, accessing your building could be done from the comfort of your home. Hackers want to access your data files, and share that data or hold it for ransom. To stop these potential attacks, you want to make sure your network is secured. There are tons of different types of network security systems, so you need to make sure your systems can all be housed within your network security system. Don’t get caught flatfooted by hackers trying to take your data, and lock down your network with modern network security systems like those provided in VMware’s network security.

On-Site Security

The final way to keep your building secure is by putting physical security on site. Having a security team on-site is a great way to deter criminal activity before it even starts. The physical presence of an armed security guard is sometimes more than enough to stop a criminal plan before it even starts. They can also be a voice of reason should an incident happen in the office between employees.

Security is an Important Part of Employee Safety

As a business owner, it’s part of your job to make sure that your employees and assets are safe. If you don’t take the steps to secure your building, you shouldn’t be shocked when something happens to your building. By not taking the steps to secure your location, you are inviting the potential for the worst to happen. That might sound harsh, but that’s the reality.

Published: January 13, 2020

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