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Check These 5 Tips Before Hiring a Developer for Your App

By: Hari Babu



When you decide that it’s high time for your business to get an app of its own, what’s the first thing that you do? Of course, you start thinking about ideas, and considering the purpose that the app should serve. But what about making those ideas come to life through a realistic and well-functioning app? That’s when you start thinking about how to hire an app developer in the U.S.

Now, hiring an app developer from all the great choices out there is not an easy job. Have you been searching for information that will help explain the process of app developer hiring? At Topflightapps, we can explain everything about finding the best software engineers for your team, and a blog that helps you know how to hire a developer to make an app. Here is an abbreviated version to get you started.

Tips to how to hire an app developer in the USA

1. Start surfing all the right places

You need to look in the right places to hire mobile app developers. For instance, you can start at the job marketplaces, such as Toptal, Fiverr, Upwork, and the like. The other option is to check the rating websites to know about the top app developers working in your area. Additionally, you can ask your peers and friends about the companies or freelance developers they have hired or worked with before.

2. Check the developer’s profile

An experienced developer will have excellent UI/UX skills, and they will be proud to show their previous work to you. After you have their work profile, you can judge whether they are the right fit for your business needs. The work profile is also a proof of their skills and expertise in the field.

When you hire app developers, it is important to consider things from the perspective of the users rather than the creators. Would the users find it easy to use the apps that your prospective developer has created?

3. Communicate your business needs

Communication is the key to a good business relationship. Thus, when you hire a programmer to make an app, discuss the project with them in detail to make sure you are on the same page.

Let them know exactly what you are looking for in your language, and a good developer will know how to translate that in technical terms. Moreover, you need to come to a consensus about the timeline for the project. Also, it is important to talk about the general tools of communication preferred, i.e., Skype, emails, and the like.

4. The client references they offer

References are not only about knowing the brands that the developer has worked with before but also the type of work they have done. You will get to assess whether they have worked in your industry vertical before or if you are their first project of its kind.

Any app developer who has worked successfully in the past will have no problem in sharing client references with you. You don’t need to personally call up every client before you hire a coder to make an app, but at least you’ll get a general idea.

5. Discuss the non-disclosure agreement

You need to value security and confidentiality above all when it comes to hiring an app developer. It does not matter how well-reputed the company is, there is no place for blind trust when handing over such a crucial responsibility. Thus, it is always a good idea to get your chosen app developer to sign a non-disclosure agreement before letting them take the job.


All in all, hiring the right app developer for your business is not too hard. But you have to be methodical about it. Hopefully, the article on how to hire an app developer in the USA has given you some direction in this matter.

Published: October 28, 2021

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