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Boosts Your Sales With Mapping Software

By: Brian Jones


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It doesn’t matter what type of business you run; you likely want to implement new strategies that increase your effectiveness and increase your sales. To make this happen, consider the benefits of using Excel mapping software. To ensure your sales team is doing exactly what they should, you need to provide the necessary oversight. In addition, you can use the data to make more sales and increase your ROI. Let’s look at what mapping software can do for your company’s sales.

Map the Customers

With a map of your customers, you gain a powerful sales tool. You’ve probably experienced times when a sales employee missed out because another prospect got to the customer first. Or, maybe you’ve sent out your sales staff to pitch a prospect only to find out that there was another one right next door. With premium mapping software, you don’t miss these potential customers. In addition, when you pitch sales to your customers, you can see the proximity of your other clients. This practical tool allows you to see where your efforts are best used. 

Distribute Territories 

Sales managers spend plenty of time looking at maps and plotting out sales territories, but this doesn’t have to be the case any longer. Instead, implement mapping software to take care of this task for you. Once you create a Google map with Excel data, you can define territories based on zip code or city automatically. You can also create custom sections. Premium mapping software makes it simple to map out potential customers, visualize where the existing customers are and make sure that the territories remain balanced. With your mapping software, you can save energy and time.

Elevate Sales Routes

What do your sales reps do in between meetings? On average, sales reps only spend one-third of their time making sales. This isn’t acceptable. You must reduce their idle time between meetings, and mapping software can help. Set optimal routes for each team member, so there’s less time traveling and more time selling. You can also use the software to assess the data you have, from driving times to the length of meetings, to make sure everything is perfectly optimized. Plus, expert software ensures that there is enough time included for your reps to make every meeting on time.

Simplified Data Entry

Field reps move quickly from one location to the next. In the mix of it all, they might have trouble marking down the critical information or prospect data. With the help of high-end software, you can easily track how productive the meeting was. The data gets inputted while on the go and is stored for later access. Your team can access the CRM with their smartphones or tablets so nothing gets lost. Later, that data can be exported to a map so the information is tracked and compared with other sales members. 

This system also ensures that leads don’t fall through the cracks. Every missed sale is a profit that you have lost. Start by mapping out the lead on a particular route to ensure the team member makes the stop. Then, they input the information from the meeting into the system. If you have a lead that didn’t make a purchase yet but showed interest, you want to note that in the software. With this information, the rep can follow up the next time they are in the area and attempt to retarget the prospect. With the color-coding capability, a sale will never be overlooked again.

Transition to Mapping Software With Your Current Tools

With premium mapping software, you can implement new functions with the tools you already have. Whether you want to map from Excel or your CRM product, you should be able to make the transition seamlessly. 

With an easy transition, you can keep your sales team and management on the same page. Everything they need to be successful is provided to them. You also want mapping software that integrates with your other common business tools, such as documents, file-sharing apps and calendars. 

As a sales manager or owner, you have a lot of responsibility riding on your shoulders. It’s your duty to put together an efficient and productive sales force. Each tool you implement helps you to produce a more effective team. With premium mapping software, you can keep all of your sales reps on the best route for maximum efficiency. Plus, the data remains up-to-date at all times, so your team can adapt while on the move. 

Where leads were once lost in the mix, you have the peace of mind knowing that nothing falls through the cracks any longer. There will be no more missed opportunities on your watch. Produce a happier, more energized team and watch your sales numbers go through the roof. Nothing makes a business owner happier than more sales produced with less effort. 

Published: April 28, 2020

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