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HR Tech Entrepreneur Gergo Vari on Transforming Job Search with AI

By: Ryan Kidman


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Entrepreneur Gergo Vari has mastered the technology to provide ready workers with connections to employers. The secret: creating a platform that operates more from the job-seeker point of view, using AI.

Gergo is the founder and CEO of Lensa, an interactive job search website. Launched in August 2016, this platform has seen rapid growth and is among the best job search sites on the internet. The website has analyzed over 80 million resumes and has over half a million new job seekers that sign up with the platform every month.

Lensa’s Aim

Lensa was launched with the idea to use technological advancements, specifically machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), to make it easier for professionals to land the job they are ideal for. Today, there is example after example of how AI can help improve sales, how it offers more efficient customer service, and how it can help healthcare professionals in diagnostic imaging. Lensa was created to apply similar technologies but tailored to the benefits of recruitment.

As Lensa approaches job search from a job seeker perspective, it optimizes job searches that match the individual as well as revolutionizes recruitment. Lensa’s aim is to transform the way recruitment works through the implementation of real-time AI and allocate the right career choices based on an applicant’s desires and abilities. This unique platform is designed to change the former process of job search entirely.

The Profile

One of the valuable features that Lensa offers is to create a detailed profile that outlines what professions you are interested in, your education level, previous work experience, as well as the salary range you are looking for. This is very helpful to both recruiters and yourself. By creating your profile, Lensa can find the right job for you because it knows what you’re looking for and what your qualifications are.

This profile allows the website to match companies to you and gives you the option of letting companies find you by making a resume available to them. When you create this profile, the recruitment process is essentially automated, thanks to AI. All you need to do to complete the process is upload a resume. Lensa accepts all of the standard files, from pdfs, to docs, docx’s, and so on.

Using AI

After you’ve uploaded a great resume that stands out, you’ll even see a few job openings advertised to you right at the beginning that is being suggested based on the information you have given in your profile and resume combined. Lensa’s AI-powered search engine combs millions of job offers to analyze the experience, skills, and credentials (given in your profile and resume) required to then match job seekers with job offers they are more likely to get and be successful in.

Furthermore, the AI-powered search engine also analyzes millions of resumes and identifies the academic background and career trajectory of each one. In this way, Lensa is able to steer job seekers to career paths they may not have otherwise considered. The insights gained by Lensa’s technologically advanced search engine thus not only help job seekers find jobs immediately but they also orientate them more thoughtfully toward their long-term goals.

Perhaps the most revolutionary tool for recruitment that Lensa offers is the “how do I match this company” feature. This is really useful, and it is strongly encouraged for everyone to try it. The best way to explain this feature is that it’s like speed dating for job opportunities. Based on all the information that Lensa has collected, such as job experience, resume, career goals, and more, Lensa’s coded AI program is going to scan millions of data points on the companies that are affiliated with the website.

It will filter through and look at which of the most optimal and well-suited companies have job openings and give you a suggestion of the exact companies that match you and your goals the best. Once Lensa selects a job for you, it gives you an overview of what you and the company have in common, as well as specific statistics about the company itself, allowing you to have a well-rounded and well-informed understanding of the position and the company.

Bottom Line

AI is now, and using it for job search was an ingenious feat. Gergo Vari established Lensa to help job seekers find their way out of seemingly endless searches and lead them to a successful career. Lensa helps prevent hurdles like job scams, unnecessary redirections, dead links, endless registrations, expired jobs, and irrelevant emails, amongst many others, through the use of AI-based matching. With the clever use of AI, Lensa is the future of job boards, job seeking, and recruitment.

Published: January 5, 2023

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