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6 Software Systems that are Essential for Every Startup


Starting a business is never easy. You have a lot of things to manage simultaneously. You make many mistakes and every single one of them contributes to damaging your business. An easy way to minimize those mistakes and make business processes more efficient is the use of software systems. Here I have shared six software that every entrepreneur needs to run his/her startup.

ERP System

An Enterprise Resource Planning system integrates all your business processes. There are many ready-made ERP systems available on the internet, but they are unlikely to fit for your work. Most startups have to acquire custom software development services for a system that matches their exact requirements, processes, and business model. Even if you think you can’t afford one yet, it never hurts to get a quote to learn how much you need.

Task Management System

Management is the most important and challenging part job for a startup. There is a reason why they hire project and product managers. Even these professionals have to use task management systems to deal with this complicated job. Some of the most popular tools for task management are Trello and Asana. They allow you to create boards and cards for each project and divide them into categories.

Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet, database, presentation program, and email management tool. This suite is a necessity for every business. You will need to write documents, make presentations, and write a lot of emails, and Microsoft Office makes it all easy for you. It’s also not free, but it’s definitely worth every penny. You just have to buy one time subscription, and your entire office can use it.

Accounts and Bookkeeping

Accounts, bookkeeping, and invoicing is a sensitive work that shouldn’t be comprised in any way. Humans aren’t supposed to be very good at numbers. They are bound to make some mistakes, and even a tiny bit of error here costs a great deal. That’s why all professional accountants use a software system to get their job done fast and efficiently.

Analytics Tools

Though it’s much underestimated, every businessman should keep an analytics tool. It shows insights and progress of your company in a graphical representation. You will be able to see patterns and identify factors that add to the growth or loss of the firm. Many people think tables and numbers provide a lot of information, and there is no doubt about it. But analytics tools help you see things you wouldn’t have been able to see in numbers.

Attendance and Salary Calculator

Though it’s usually a part of the software designed for HR managers, you can get a separate tool for this. You will have many employees, and it’s never good for a startup to keep telling them to be punctual. With an attendance and salary management system, employees can see their leaves and short hours. Their salary will also be calculated according to their working hours and leaves without you having to do any math.

Published: March 10, 2020

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