2 Biggest Lessons Learned As a Business Owner

businessman hand holding light bulb with finance document and tool,concept of New ideas for business and fonance.

Starting a business means learning a lot of things on the fly. You might have a business degree or have years of experience working for others, but there are countless things you’ll have to learn for yourself, or learn from others.  SmallBizClub recently asked three of our Advisory Board members about their biggest lessons learned…

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5 Important Business Lessons from “Mitch”

I’ve been fortunate to offer counsel to many small business owners over the years on ways to improve revenue generation, customer experience, marketing systems and more. It feels great to watch a business grow and prosper because of some tips and tactics I provided. Most often business owners will at least try my suggestions, but…

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Lessons From Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an ABC reality TV show that matches startups with high net worth angel investors who will offer to invest in their business company in exchange for a proportional equity stake. The reason why I love this show is that it not only demonstrates the power of the startup…
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