How 3D Marketing Can Help Your Business

3D printing for your business

3D marketing can increase luxury brands’ conversion rates brands by 40%, as one Forbes study affirmed. A whopping 40%! 3D marketing enables advertisers to create a more memorable experience than 2D. It’s more effective in communicating their message and attracting prospective customers. This article will offer insight into 3D modeling, its importance for luxury brands,…

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Discover the Power of 3D Modeling in Construction

a 3d rendering of a house

3D modeling in construction has been a part of the industry for a while. In the past, the ability to showcase accurate 3D images of projects required a team of skilled 3D artists, powerful computers, and a hefty budget. However, modern advancements have democratized this technology. Now, with user-friendly software and cloud-based applications, creating 3D…

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Lessons learned from COVID-19 and 3D printing


The global pandemic has caused a shift in our everyday lives that we never imagined possible. With so much indirect, yet fundamental change imposed on individuals, businesses and manufacturing operations, there has been a clear need for organizations to diversify and adapt. So, what does this mean for the role of 3D large printing companies,…

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