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3 Ideas to Transform Your Work Space with a Small Budget

By: Chris Long


Creating a fresh and friendly work environment not only makes the work day more enjoyable, but it can also stimulate productivity. Adding a little personality to any office space can make a world of difference on how your business appears to both employees and customers. The following 3 ideas can give your business some creative style, while being easy on your wallet:

1. Creating Unique Desks and Work Stations
Every business needs designated workspaces for their employees, but purchasing new desks can be quite costly. Old doors can easily be converted into unique desktops and work stations. Whether you want to refinish and stain an old wood door, or you elect to prime and paint an interior door, the options are endless when converting doors into creative workspaces. Consider utilizing two-drawer filing cabinets as your supports to include handy storage options, while offering a comfortable height.
Old doors can also be converted into room dividers and sound barriers. Just as you can stain or paint a door to transform it into a work station, you can similarly refinish a door to convert it into a decorative divider. Simply connect your old doors with piano hinges and you have created a fun and unique divider that can be easily moved when you want to rearrange your furniture.
2. Transforming Boring Bulletin Boards
Offices, cubicles and walls in businesses across the nation are covered with lack-luster, traditional, wood-framed corkboards due to their usefulness and low cost. You can easily revamp these boring boards in a two-step process:
  1. Prime and paint the wood frame with a color of your choice.
  2. Select a fabric that works with your style and cut it to the size of the corkboard. Hot glue the edges to properly secure the fabric in place.
An alternative to decorating your corkboard with fabric is to simply paint it. Cork is very absorbent, so it will easily soak-up any color paint for a quick transformation. Be sure to use a small roller for application to ensure the paint is applied thickly, as well as evenly.
3. Making Bold Bookcases
From storing office supplies to organizing notebooks full of documents, bookcases serve a useful purpose in every business. These pieces of furniture can easily become decorative without losing their practicality. Try out one of these ideas to transform that boring bookcase into a piece of furniture with flare:
Wood, plastic or metal bookcases
The options are endless for wood, plastic and metal bookcases. With the right primer and paint, you can transform a traditional bookcase into a fun statement-maker. Consider priming and painting a wood, plastic or metal bookcase with a crackle paint combination to add vibrant color to your business.
Particle board bookcases
Stay away from painting these units since the material has a tendency to warp when exposed to excess moisture. Instead, carefully remove the backing and apply wallpaper so that the area exposed presents an attractive finish. Selecting textured wallpaper can add design, as well as depth to your shelves.
Be imaginative and resourceful with furniture that has a stale image. Applying a coat of paint here and adding some fabric there can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your business. The possibilities are endless and they do not necessarily have to break your bank account.
Published: January 20, 2014

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