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Top Kid-Focused Franchises in 2016

By: Bill Bradley


Top Kid Focused Franchises 2016

Nothing is quite as rewarding as working with future generations. Watching children learn something new, whether it’s a new word or a new subject, is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

If you’re interested in starting a franchise, you’re not only thinking of how rewarding your work will be – you’re also considering how stable your income will be. Kid-focused franchises solve both concerns.

Children are born every day. Parents are constantly on the hunt for businesses to help their little ones grow up to be as smart and successful as possible. There is a constant demand in the children’s industry. If you can’t think of anything more exciting than spending your days helping shape future generations, opening a kid-focused franchise could be a smart decision for you. Profitable kids’ franchises can be related to anything like toys, education, or well-being.

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Here are the top kid-focused franchises in 2016 to consider.

Bricks 4 Kidz

This home-based afterschool program has been ranked #79 out of all franchises to open in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500. It’s also ranked as one of the fastest growing by Entrepreneur magazine. Since 2013, it’s consistently been one of the top franchises for good reason.

Bricks 4 Kidz does not cost a lot to start and it has low overhead. More importantly, it’s a huge draw for parents and children alike. It was started because of children’s passion for creative science. The founder incorporated Lego bricks into a creative learning after school program, which quickly skyrocketed in popularity.

This proven model doesn’t have large national competition and it’s easy to help you make a return on your investment. Better yet, you can make your own hours holding classes, camps or birthday parties. The flexibility, affordability and rewarding atmosphere are a win, win, win.

Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor employs tutors to work one-on-one with children to help with schoolwork and difficult subjects. The tutoring happens in a child’s home, which makes the learning more effective and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

You do not need to have a degree in education to join this franchise, but you do need to have a love of watching children’s eyes light up when they learn something new.

School of Rock

How can you blend your passion for jamming out in your garage with a career focused on helping children embrace their love of music? In a School of Rock franchise.

School of Rock is an after school program focused on teaching students music. With more arts programs getting cut from public schools, this is a hot franchise to start. It gives you and parents the ability to instill a love of music in the hearts of children.


Look at any news story about education in America and you’ll see a hot debate topic around Common Core. You’ll probably also find a lot of input about STEM programs.

FasTracKids bridges the gap between what’s taught in the classroom and what students must learn. Many parents struggle with Common Core homework themselves. This franchise helps students learn the subjects that are being taught in 21st-century classrooms. From a business model standpoint, franchisees are able to offer eight proprietary programs that run throughout the day. This makes it a lucrative and rewarding franchise to open.


Did you excel in math? Share your love of numbers and formulas with future generations who haven’t quite grasped the excitement around this subject.

Mathnasium Learning Centers understands that no two students learn in the same way. This individualized approach makes the business effective and thus, profitable. You do not need an education background to start this business. Headquarters will teach you everything you need to know to start off strong.


If there are two things children love, it’s learning and moving. Kinderdance combines these two activities in one with education through dance and gymnastics.

This franchise is ideal for adults who have the same passions—dance or gymnastics and watching children learn. There is no dance experience required to begin. All you need is a passion and excitement for helping children’s imaginations come to life in the form of movement.

KiD to KiD

This is a different type of kid-focused franchise. Instead of focusing on education, it focuses on helping kids find new clothes while also helping parents keep children’s closets free of old attire that no longer fits. It’s a resale store that has seen tremendous success. Families are able to stay within their budgets while kids are able to get the clothes they love and need.

KiD to KiD has been around for over 20 years. There are over 100 stores nationwide that have seen success even during the down economy.

Which is Right for You?

There are many kid-focused franchises to choose from. Some are centered on the arts while others are centered on learning or resale. No matter what you choose, one thing is certain. You will help families live a little bit better because you opened one of these franchises in your area.

Published: April 12, 2016

Source: America's Best Franchises

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