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SMS Can Help Your “Regulars” Feel Special


Sometimes it’s nice to go where everyone knows your name. Remember Cheers? “Norm!” When founder Alex Minicucci began SMS Masterminds in San Luis Obispo, CA, he frequented a different kind of bar, a sushi bar, for lunch. Each day when he finished his spring roll and tea he would hear, “See you tomorrow,” from the chefs. After just one year SMS Masterminds outgrew their space and like a stealth ninja moved across town where Minicucci was happy to see a new sushi restaurant open right next door.

He often thinks about the chefs at the ole sushi restaurant he attended and wonders if they ask where the “regular” went. SMS Masterminds are the masterminds behind mobile marketing that can help establishments and small to medium-sized businesses build customer relationships. Through a host of marketing services SMS offers, Chef would have been able to keep in touch with Alex through a Loyalty Marketing system, and offer rewards for his continuous business with a modern day punch card (buy 10 tuna rolls, get one free) in addition to other marketing tools like text messages, email and Facebook.
“Mobile Marketing is much like the internet was 10-12 years ago, in its infancy,” says Minicucci which means mobile marketing is hot like wasabi. There is money to be made! Just to give you a taste, by 2013, over 13 billion dollars will be spent by advertisers on mobile marketing. And businesses aren’t using it by themselves because they are focused on their own craft. Build your own business by selling the ultimate small business marketing tool in your area and help customers and clients feel anything but “regular!”
You can live the life you want with a SMS Masterminds business. You can work from home, set your own hours, have a recurring income and low overhead. If you or someone you know is interested in this exciting business opportunity and partnering with SMS Masterminds you can visit them through their site at Franchise Solutions.
This article was originally published by Franchise Solutions
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Published: June 12, 2013

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