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Mompreneurs: Franchising and Child Rearing Can Coexist

By: Bill Bradley


Mompreneurs Franchising and Child Rearing

Often, work-life balance is treated as a myth. But it’s possible. Franchising is one way a supermom can also be the boss. One of the biggest perks of becoming a franchisee is the freedom. Many franchisees set their own hours, work from home or have their kids work in the business. Franchisees can set their schedule to never miss a soccer game, school play or field trip.

The Mom Skillset

Parenting has many transferrable skills to becoming a franchisee. Being a business owner means a lot of responsibilities. No one can multi-task like a mom. The patience parenting requires also transfers to the office. Dealing with upset employees, suppliers or customers is nothing compared to refereeing teenage daughters who routinely “borrow” each other’s clothes. Typically, moms aren’t easily frazzled. They have been “trained” to stay calm in heated situations, both in and out of the office.

Quality Time

Franchising also allows moms to spend more time with their kids in many different ways. Franchisees can often set their own hours, so your daily schedule can allow for you to do all of your business during the school day. Meaning you can be at drop off, pickup and after school activities.

You can also spend more time with your kids by coming to them. Educational franchises are often hired by schools for special presentations or events. Be the cool mom who comes to school every year to teach something new and fun! Even franchises outside of the educational industry can be brought directly to your kids. Food vendors are often present at youth sports tournaments. Bring your mobile franchise unit and work while you watch. You’ll never miss a pass, point or play.

You have the opportunity to make your franchise unit a family business. Depending on your franchise, your kids already have their first after-school job. Spending quality time with your children while also teaching them the value of a dollar is a parenting win-win.

Even before your kids are ready to join you in the business, franchising is a great way to set an example for them. For lots of kids who have parents working in traditional corporate gigs, work is an abstract concept, something that happens far away. Moms who work from home, or bring their kids to work, are showing their kids what work actually looks like. And being a working mom has other long-term benefits. Studies have shown that employed women raised by working mothers were more likely to supervise others at work and make more money. Isn’t that a nice gift to give your daughters?

Work-Life Balance

Owning a business is time consuming, especially in the early days. It’s easy to get wrapped up by it 24/7. Commitment to your business is important, but all work all the time isn’t healthy. Prioritizing is a little easier when you know there are people at home who miss you. Having kids at home gives you a reason to strive for the work-life balance that best suits you and your family.

Franchising is an opportunity to provide for your family while enjoying some of the perks of being a stay-at-home-mom, like schedule flexibility and day-to-day involvement. It allows for work-life balance to be your reality, not just a myth.

Published: December 6, 2019

Source: America's Best Franchises

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