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Why Is It Important To Tell A Story In Your Marketing?

By: Dan Alvin


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If you are interested in marketing and you need to make your current marketing much better to attract more customers, what is it you can do to change your current strategy? One idea that many business owners find useful is to tell a story.

If you can tell a story through your marketing, it will bring a number of excellent benefits that could help your business to grow. Read on to find out how this works so you can start putting your own marketing story together sooner rather than later.

Connect With Customers

When you tell a story through your marketing, it becomes a lot easier to connect with your customers. They will hear or see your story and be drawn in by it, wanting to know more about the business behind it. The key here is to do plenty of market research before you come up with a story in the first place. Researching your customer base means you’ll understand them better, and you’ll have a much better idea of the type of story they might like best. In this way, you can market better to the people who are more likely to buy from you, and with a good story that works on their emotions, they should be able to make their purchasing decision more easily.

If a customer sees your marketing story and is moved by it, whether they thought it was compelling, sad, funny, scary, or anything else, they will be highly likely to want to try your products and services. You made them feel something, and the emotions those feelings can produce could be powerful.

Different From Competitors

If everyone marketed in the same way, no customer would know who to buy from or why one business is better than another. If you want to stand out and be remembered, storytelling through your marketing is certainly the way to do it. When you are able to create a story that not only creates emotion but that is unique to your particular business, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd.

This is why more research will be required. You’ll have to see what your competitors are doing and ensure you do something different. If you do something too similar, it will become confusing, and you might even get into legal trouble. You might want to incorporate some unique elements like background music for businesses that could be in your marketing and in your premises to create a link. Another good idea is to try animation if this is different from what your competitors are doing. You can then use the animated characters in all your marketing.

Builds Trust

People don’t like to be sold to in the traditional way – they don’t like salespeople to tell them what to buy and why to buy it. They prefer to make up their own minds these days, and they prefer to do their research themselves. This is why content marketing is often seen as a better idea than direct sales.

If you can create a story in your marketing that focuses more on the characters and situations than what you’re selling, this will give your customers a feeling that they can trust you because you’re not trying to sell directly to them. This, in turn, will make them happier to buy from you.

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Published: May 26, 2023

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