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The Ultimate Guide To Webinars

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Webinars are an effective tool for marketing, education and staying connected. Effective, engaging, personal they allow you to deliver great content to your audience and have been rated second in effectiveness only to in-person events.

What Is A Webinar

Webinars or ‘web seminars’ are video presentations, workshops or lectures that are hosted online. These online events are usually interactive, engaging, educational and able to bring together people from all over the world.

Web presentations and conferences can be used for both internal and external meetings, relationship building exercises or knowledge sharing. The great thing about webinars is that you can record them to use as educational resources.

Planning a webinar is not only cost-effective but is much easier than organising a seminar in real life, without the need for a venue, you can host a larger number of attendees and there are no travel restrictions for attendants.

Choose A Platform

There are numerous webinar tools around, each offering a variety of features that can be suitable for your needs. Look into the best softwares for webinars, to see which one works best for your needs.


Once you have picked a topic and an enticing name, you can start to work on the format. Deciding on the structure of your webinar is vital, it will largely depend on your message and the number of speakers you intend to have.

Pay attention to the timing of your webinar, you want it to be engaging and informative, so not too short and not too long.

Another crucial element of the presentation is the visuals, spend the extra time preparing the visuals, to make sure that you create eye-catching and engaging slides.

Choose Your Speakers and Team

Regardless of the scale of your webinar, you will need to pick a qualified presenter. It should be someone who is knowledgeable on the subject and is comfortable with answering any tough questions that may be thrown at them.

A lot of work goes into the organisation and running of a webinar, so you will need a team to make sure that everything runs smoothly

Promoting the webinar

Once you have finalised the run sheet and confirmed the speakers, you can start promoting. You will need to design a multi-channel marketing plan, with a well-designed landing page that you can link to from within your website and in newsletters.

Social media channels are one of the most effective forms of marketing, it’s a good idea to come up with a webinar hashtag early in the day, you can then include it in all your promotions, as well as showing it during the webinar to encourage audience interaction and allow them to comment. Reference your speakers handles to increase the reach.

Prepare The Tech

Before you run a webinar, make sure your tech is all working and the quality is good enough. Plan the environment you will be using, that it will be quiet, the lighting is good and you will have no interruptions.

To minimise slip-ups on the day, check if your internet connection is stable and make sure your laptop is fully charged.

Published: July 22, 2020

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