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Small Businesses Can Get Big Results With Digital Signage

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Customers around the world are embracing a digital ecosystem for their retail and service experiences.  This is in large part because of the prevalence of online retailers, giant corporations, and app-based service providers. That’s why it’s important for small businesses to embrace digital technologies to stay relevant in an already crowded marketplace. And a key and often overlooked aspect of creating forward-thinking customer experiences is effectively leveraging the power of digital signage.

To put it briefly, digital signage is a content distribution platform in which content is displayed on digital screens with the intent to inform and persuade audiences. These screens can differ from traditional TVs, smartphones, monitors, or tablets with a wide array of uses across various industries. And it’s important to note that static and lifeless imagery feels antiquated to modern consumers. They have been conditioned to expect compelling experiences tailored to their unique wants and desires.

But despite this reality, many small businesses are reluctant to invest in digital technologies. They operate under the false delusion that traditional advertising and signage techniques are effective enough.

But how can digital signage enhance the operation of your small business? We’ve provided several advantages below.

Guaranteed Brand Consistency

Whether you have one business location or hundreds, rebranding using traditional methods can be a profound drain on time and resources. Digital signage allows small businesses to rebrand quickly and easily across all business locations. With a few clicks within a centralized system, you can guarantee brand consistency. Just make the necessary changes and sync them to all your business locations simultaneously.

Better Access to Digital Content

According to Creative Realities, an emerging leader in this arena, digital signage goes far beyond merely displaying video advertisements of products and services. Based on hundreds of case studies, CRI has observed that displays that incorporate social media content, games, weather updates and surveys can aid significantly in building customer engagement. A steady stream of digital content can both increase profit and produce new customers.

Cut Costs

What may have required multiple hands on deck using traditional techniques, can be lessened to a one or two-man job using digital signage. It is easily manageable and can reduce resources and stress overall in the long term.  Remaining resources can instead be applied to other pressing assignments and allows your small business to develop higher productivity and notable savings.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is critical to the success of a small business and plays a major role in driving sales. Digital signs are capable of simultaneously educating and entertaining your audience. When you deliver your customers a captivating and engaging experience, they’ll feel more inclined to advocate your brand to people they know. Growth in potential customers can further increase brand awareness and sales.

Maximize Customer Engagement and Experience

Digital signs don’t have the restrictions that non digital advertisements do. Businesses have total influence over what their audience sees and can customize what’s displayed to appeal to them. Leveraging what best interests your audience increases their engagement and attraction to your brand. The more entertaining, interactive and imaginative the experience, the better.

Staying competitive in 2020 means accepting the many advantages of digital signage over traditional advertising. Times are changing, so take advantage of it! Employing a digital signage company is a worthy investment for your small business and can greatly improve your customer experience, boost brand awareness, and surge your sales.

Published: March 16, 2020

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