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Missing Foot Traffic But Lack a Bigger Budget? Try This Low-Cost Promotion

Zagreb, Croatia - 17th, August, 2019 : Flags with sign Ikea flutter in the wind in front of Ikea shopping center in Zagre, Croatia.

Are you looking to increase customer traffic to your business without spending a lot of money on advertising? Maybe you would like to put a bigger sign in front of your location, but regulations or costs are prohibitive. Maybe your business holds special events or sales that you would like to temporarily promote. Feather flags are the solution to your advertising and promotional challenges.

A feather flag is an excellent low-cost alternative to more expensive or more permanent options. Feather flags do not require complicated mounting systems, they can be strategically moved to the most attention-grabbing location, and they travel well. Feather flags are made of lightweight, durable, weather-resistant material. The hardware to display your feather flag is also lightweight and durable, usually made of aluminum or fiberglass.

Now that we know why feather flags are an attractive option for your business, let’s look at how promotional feather flags can benefit your business.

Attract Attention

This one is obviously the number one way that feather flags can benefit your business. Putting a regular rectangular flag out in front of your office or event requires mounting equipment, and the flag will not display its message or attract any attention if the wind is not blowing.

A feather flag is a perfect way to reach out to potential customers and say, “Hey you! You want to spend your money here!”. Feather flags catch the eye of people who normally drive or walk by your business every day without even noticing your building or permanent sign. Bright and colorful, with enough movement in even the slightest breeze draw attention, feather flags are the perfect way to change things up just enough to make people curious.

Boost Brand Recognition

Custom feather flags are a great addition to your brand recognition toolkit. Brand recognition will bring your company to customers’ minds when they think about their need for your product. Coca Cola has leveraged color to maximize its brand recognition. Everyone knows the familiar shade of red used on their labels and products. In some regions of the country, people use the word Coke to refer to any sort of soda.

Visual consistency is an essential part of your brand recognition strategy. You can maintain that consistency by ordering custom feather flags using your company’s colors, logo, and designs. Custom feather flags can help you put the message about who you are and what you offer on display, and cement your image in the minds of future customers.

Tailor To Your Business Needs

Most businesses fluctuate in their promotional needs. Sometimes you want customers to know you are having a sale or event. Other times, you just want to grab their eye and remind them you are there and ready to provide them with what they are looking for.

Feather flags are flexible to fit whatever your promotional objectives are in the moment. You can have custom feather flags made to convey your specific message, or you can put general feather flags out to attract attention. If you want a big, colorful display for less money, you could combine pre-made feather flags with custom feather flags.

Feather flags travel well too. So if your business has an event at a remote location, you can take your flags with you. You only need the portable, lightweight hardware that comes with them. They are quick and easy to set up anywhere you go, so whether you are having an open house or have a table at a trade show, people will know where you are.

Vary Your Approach

When you have the same sign on display, day in and day out, people who pass by every day don’t notice it. It just becomes part of the scenery. Varying your display will attract attention and get people to notice your business.

If you invest in multiple feather flags, you can vary the not just the timing of when you put them out, but also how they look. One day, you can combine pre-made feather flags with custom feather flags for a flashy display. The next day, you can just use a custom feather flag for a simple reminder that you are there. Changing things up will keep your business at the forefront of the minds of people who regularly pass your location.

Send a Message Of Fun

Let’s face it; the right branding can make even the most boring products fun. Think about the Geico Gecko or Flo, the Progressive Lady. Auto insurance is not fun, but these branding images are, and so people think of the Geico Gecko and Flo when they want to insure their vehicles.

People prefer to have fun when they are spending their money, and colorful flag displays contribute to the fun of doing business with you.

The Bottom Line

Pre-made and custom feather flags are a versatile, flexible way to bring attention to your business or event, whether you choose something big and flashy or just want to send a subtle reminder. They require a minimal investment, and you usually do not need a permit to display them. They are a great way to contribute to a consistent brand image, and they can help keep your business in people’s minds when they think of your product. When you look to maximize exposure on a budget, feather flags carry strong promotional benefits and can increase your traffic.

Published: March 18, 2020

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