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Amazon Live: Drive Discovery and Conversion with a Livestream

By: Louise Harris


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Amazon is a known platform that has been in the business for quite some time and has been enhancing its features and services according to the needs of the user. This is probably the reason why Amazon has such a high success rate and huge profit margins every year. Amazon provides a platform for both the sellers and the buyers simultaneously.

As a buyer you can enjoy new features of Amazon however as for the sellers it gets a little bit tricky, getting hard to new features of the growing market while making sure your products sell and you gain profit as well. An Amazon marketing agency can help you through this process and guide you towards the path of becoming a fine Amazon seller!

Amazon has once again launched a new feature called Amazon live. It is a recent tech program that is used for streaming live content on the main page of amazon. The displayed content is information about the products and the way they are used etc.

The live content helps the buyers to see how the product works and what things it needs to work well. It is basically like live TV news. The only difference is the platform where the content airs is Amazon.

According to Amazon keyword research, this is an awesome way of marketing your product by showing its appealing looks and functionality creatively. This will not only help in increasing benefits but will also help in increasing awareness regarding your product. Now that the idea of Amazon live is cleared let’s take a deeper look at the concept.

Eligibility for Using Amazon Live

Since the idea of Amazon live is cleared, we need to know the availability and practicality of the system as well. We also need to see who can exactly use this feature and who can not. Eligibility is very important when it comes to living access on the Amazon platform as it is an authorized service. Following are authorized people who can take advantage of the Amazon live option. 

  • Official sellers with permission and certification via Amazon brand registers.
  • Pro sellers from the US
  • Officially certified vendors that are US-based 
  • Us-based vendors with registered stores. 
  • A proactive influencer with Amazon accounts.

 These are the main conditions one needs to follow to be an authorized user of the Amazon Live feature. 

Reasons To Promote Products Through Amazon Live Feature 

Amazon Live is similar to the concept of live Streaming which is loved by a lot of people nowadays. Live streaming is an easy option when you need to spread awareness about certain kinds of content in a small time frame to a larger audience.

Many big and small retailers tend to use this feature to enhance the visibility of their products and gain higher profit margins in a small amount of time. The most appealing part of this feature is the fact that it is free and does not cost a penny. If you are eligible to use this feature you should opt for it since it’s free and has higher benefits.

This can be a very cost-efficient way of promoting your product and creating a well-known image so even if the people do not buy your product, they are at least aware of the presence of your products in the market.

Benefits Of Amazon Live Feature

There are a lot of simplified benefits regarding the usage of Amazon live such as getting high visibility of your brand. However, there is more to the utility. Following are some of the most common benefits regarding the Amazon live feature.

  • A better way to showcase your product: Through streaming, you can show the usability of your product as well as the potential of the product to future customers. This way they can interact with the product before buying it. there are high chances that people would want to buy our product after seeing its functionalities. On the other hand, if they don’t then it would just enhance the visibility of your product in the market.
  • Live presents urgent favors: Amazon live can provide Significant results in a very urgent manner. You can also hold sales sessions for that live stream to enhance the profit margin of your product. You can also use the discount techniques to capture as much audience you can in a certain time frame.
  • Active communication with potential buyers: The water of your live streams can be future potential buyers. Amazon’s live feature helps you to connect and communicate with them in a very precise manner that could benefit your product sales and provide you with more selling opportunities.

How To Use the Amazon Live Feature? 

Setting the Amazon live is not a hard task as it is user-friendly and made in such a way that almost anyone can use the feature no matter their level of expertise with technology. Once you decide to opt to host a streaming session.

The first thing you need to be aware of is competitors which is why it is a must to look up the competitors’ listings. You also need to look for other people’s offers to host a fruitful life. There are multiple steps of hosting the live that are given below: 

  1. Download the App: there is a designated app for the Amazon live feature known “Amazon Live Creator” app. However, make sure you have an IOS device as it does not support android. 
  2. Make your account.
  3. Select from the seller, influencer, and vendor categories.
  4. Select a specific name for your business and profile.
  5. Select product content.
  6. Stream your content.

Above mentioned points will help you operate the app very easily. 

Amazon Live Levels 

There is a concept of level on the Amazon live creator app, where seller, influencer, and vendor operate their live and increase their levels. Every level comes with additional benefits. Following are the levels: 

  1. The Rising star
  2. Insider 
  3. A-Lister


Amazon Live is a great step towards driving more conversions and eyeballs to your business and with the use of steps mentioned earlier, your business can see significant changes in leads and sales. Get Amazon Live to your business and take advantage of this streaming platform to grow your business.

Published: June 25, 2021

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