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4 Ways to Make Your Marketing Products Stand Out

ROI of Promotional Product Giveaways

As a business owner, you know marketing is a necessity. While marketing may be even more important than your product, unique marketing is what matters. It’s not enough to plan a generic AdWords campaign or push out content here and there on social. To stand out above the rest, you must get creative with your marketing.

Promotional products are a great place to start. With a large amount of competition in the market, many companies offer the same products, such as pens, highlighters, or stress balls. These products eventually become junk because many people discard them quickly or entirely forget about them.

If you want to stand out with your marketing products, you must exhibit uniqueness in your products.

Get With the Times

For an item to stand out, of course, it must have a wow-factor, but relevance is also a key component. The product can be relevant to the audience, to the season, or current events.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives, so why not provide something to clients and prospects that offers some relief during this trying time?

1. Work-from-Home Kit

The current situation has induced work from a home economy with twice as many employees who work from home. About 42 percent of the US labor force is working from home, and while they may have their office space set up, having practical accessories can help save time and make life easier.

Create a unique work-from-home kit that’s useful, fun, and affordable. Current or potential clients may enjoy items such as wireless charging pads, mug warmers, and cable organizers at this time when remote work is so common. In the kit, you could include one of these more luxury branded items with a few smaller yet still functional products like pens and notepads.

2. Fitness Swag

At-home workouts were made popular by televisions in the ‘50s and VHS in the ‘80s. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, home sweat sessions spiked. Most gyms and fitness centers closed their doors to prevent the spread of the virus. So, people resorted to working out from home and managing their work lives at the same time.

Since there is a greater demand for fitness products, workout-related promotional products are a smart choice. A few fitness items that can be easily branded are:

  • cooling face masks that don’t absorb sweat,
  • resistance bands,
  • yoga mats,
  • sweat cloths,
  • pedometer, and
  • water bottles.

Quality over Quantity

Although the concept of kits may work for some businesses, others may find this to be financially difficult to achieve. If this is the case, it’s likely best to focus your energy on quality over quantity.

Many people can recognize a high-quality product when they see one and, if they’re able, will spend a little more to get something that lasts. This notion is relevant to quality over quantity because it shows that you don’t have to give away something elaborate or expensive.

Be Witty

There may be no better way to stand out than by being yourself. You’ve probably seen some products, such as branded clothing or custom tote bags for marketing with witty slogans or funny characters that appeal to you. If your promotional items can make the end-user laugh or bring them joy, they’ll continue to it and be reminded of your business.

Many people may be interested in seeing something unique instead of the same designs with the same colors as all your competitors. Being witty and fun with your marketing products is an easy way to show your brand’s personality.

Think Like a Buyer

If many businesses are giving out the same item, try something different; this way, you focus on a specific group of consumers with unique demands. While this may be a bit more costly than marketing to a larger group, it is a great way to exhibit your creativity and lure in even more customers.

Think of products you might purchase for yourself, such as high-quality gel pens, t-shirts, fitness products, or quirky accessories. If you can create something unique instead of making the same products other people create, that’s the first step to standing out.

Published: March 8, 2021

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