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4 Ways IoT Tools Will Change the Marketing Industry

By: Anees Saddiq


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IoT has become a buzzword in the tech world. It seems that everyone is talking about the Internet of Things today. However, it is well-deserved popularity. According to TDengine, IoT solutions are able to fully transform a wide range of industries by automating and facilitating multiple business tasks. Isn’t it exactly what all managers are looking for? In this article, we’d like to talk about one particular industry and analyze how it is being transformed under the influence of IoT solutions. Let’s focus on the impact of IoT on marketing.

Though in general, we can say that IoT-powered tools in marketing are aimed at boosting sales and improving customer experience, and consequently, bringing higher profits to businesses, let’s consider these points in more detail.

Personalized experiences

IoT devices allow companies to gather a lot of valuable information about their clients and their behavior in real time. And IoT software solutions are able to analyze the collected data, detect existing patterns and make forecasts about future changes and tendencies. And moreover, that data can be used not only for analyzing a general situation but also for finding individual approaches to each customer and offering him or her fully personalized experiences.

By having access to such valuable insights and finding the right way to use them for building your marketing strategy, you can leave your market rivals who do not use IoT capacities far behind you.

For example, in some of its restaurants, McDonald’s uses special Bluetooth-powered beacons that can get connected to the smartphones of visitors as soon as they enter a restaurant. Thanks to this solution, visitors can receive discount coupons and various special offers created especially for them.

Advanced production upgrades

IoT solutions can fully transform your approaches to product development and pricing. Some manufacturers install integrated sensors on their products that allow them to track the status of their products and get other important information in real-time. Of course, it is crucial to understand that such solutions can be a feasible option only in those cases when you produce and sell rather expensive equipment, machinery, vehicles, or spare parts.

This way, you will be able to monitor any possible issues with your products and find ways to eliminate these problems in the future by introducing some upgrades or changing any raw materials or technologies.

Thanks to IoT sensors, you can also more accurately analyze the correctness of your current pricing policy and update it in the future if you detect such a necessity.

Better product integration

IoT systems provide companies with a lot of new ways for expanding their business activities and ensuring increased customer value via offering seamless product and platform integrations.

What can we mention as an example of such an integration? We are quite confident that you have heard what Spotify is and probably you even have an account. Thanks to IoT solutions, those users who have premium accounts on Spotify can get into an Uber car and enjoy listening to the music from their playlists without performing any additional actions, like opening an app on a smartphone or asking a driver to start looking for the lists of their favorite music to listen during a trip. Yes, that’s completely simple. Without any effort from your side, you can listen to the songs that you like while moving from point A to point B in a taxi.

With such partnerships and integrations, businesses can build more personalized customer experiences and achieve higher customer satisfaction (and of course, loyalty). Moreover, by analyzing the data that are being transmitted from users’ devices, businesses can learn more about clients’ preferences, needs, and interests.

Faster transactions

Time is one of the most valuable resources. That’s why it is so vital to offer your customers a fully seamless and practically immediate checkout process. The faster and easier people can find products and pay for their purchases, the better impressions they will have at the end. To offer such an experience to your clients, we recommend you integrate into your work an IoT mobile app that will allow instant payments.

What’s more, even if you have a traditional business with corner shops and supermarkets, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the benefits of digitalization as you can go online and offer your clients to make their choice faster. Such apps can also analyze customers’ preferences and create personalized offers for them.

If you operate a hotel, for example, IoT solutions help to automate and speed up such common processes as checking in and out. Guests can even use their smartphones as keys to their hotel rooms. And there is no need to wait for a receptionist to receive a traditional key. Without any doubt, such innovations have a positive influence on visitors’ experience.

So, as you can see IoT can become a powerful tool in marketing and if you are interested in boosting your revenues, it is high time to consider implementing an IoT system in your business processes.

Published: October 28, 2022

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