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3 Best Marketing Analytics Tools to Improve Research

By: Roy Highler



In the wise words of Beth Comstock, business executive and former vice chair of GE, “Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.”

Now, everyone in the business world understands that marketing is a continuous process. It is always evolving, as the market is always evolving. Because marketing is constantly changing, we have to understand where it is going and be prepared for changes in marketing. We need tools to help us not only understand the market but to master it.

I talked with a number of experts to ask their opinions on the best marketing analytics tools to improve research. By taking advantage of the analytics tools provided in this article, you’ll find yourself prepared to employ the best marketing strategy possible for your business. Keep reading to learn the best marketing analytics tools to help you market your business. 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is by far the most popular marketing analytics tool at the moment, with 90% of marketers saying that Google Analytics is their go-to marketing tool. One of the reasons why Google Analytics is so widely used is because it’s completely free. It’s hard for competitors to compete with a company as enormous as Google, especially when Google is offering an advanced marketing analytics tool to users at no cost. 

Another reason why this platform is so popular is that the Google Analytics interface is very simple. Joshua Chin is a CEO at Chronos Agency, a company that specializes in helping high-growth DTC brands scale profits with Email, SMS and Push Marketing. He says, “While other marketing analytics tools might boast a plethora of options, pages, and buttons, Google Analytics prides itself in its simplicity, but at the same time, you’ll find that you’re not lacking in any information when using Google Analytics. It gives you everything you need to understand your marketing effectiveness while simplifying it in a way that anyone can fully grasp. The Google Analytics features that we at Chronos Agency use most are what pages are tracking the most and least traffic and where most conversions are coming from.”

Phillip Akhzar is a CEO at Arka, a company that specializes in custom printed packaging. He says, “Although Google Analytics might appear to be a lot simpler than other analytics tools, it provides you with everything you need to make informed decisions regarding your marketing strategy. We at Arka use Google Analytics to help us determine where exactly our conversions are happening, or in other words, where the transition from being bystanders to becoming clients happens. Google Analytics is a lifesaver, and it’s also completely free, which is a huge bonus.” 


Another great marketing analytics tool that our experts mentioned is Ruler, the most useful analytics tool if you are looking for individual-level analytics. Ruler gathers data from each visitor to your business webpage, and pieces together every bit of data to form a holistic picture of each visitor’s entire customer journey.

Ruler, like Google Analytics, pays attention to customer conversion but takes it to the next level; when a visitor to your page converts into a sale, every moment that leads up to the conversion is recorded. For example, if conversion happened during a live chat with a bot, then you’ll be able to see the messages that were exchanged with the bot the moment before those critical clicks were made that turned a website visit into a sale. You can see this detailed information for every single visitor with Ruler, giving you an in-depth look at each customer’s journey through your marketing strategy. 

Lina Miranda is a VP of Marketing  at AdQuick, a company that does out-of-home (OOH) advertising. “The data we’ve acquired from using Ruler as our main marketing analytics tool has changed how we do things at AdQuick. Ruler provides information at the level of each individual. While other analytics tools might be useful in giving you the entire picture, we’ve found that the micro-information we’ve gotten from Ruler has exceeded our expectations in informing our marketing decisions. We’ve seen so many more conversions we thought possible, thanks to the individual-level data from Ruler.” 


For businesses who are interested in gaining marketing insight from their competitors, SEMrush is an especially useful marketing analytics tool. This platform allows you to understand exactly what your competitors are doing and how it is going for them. Using SEMrush, you can analyze the traffic of any website. Just enter your main competitor’s website into the SEMrush system, and you’ll be able to see all of their traffic information. This data is extremely valuable, as you can then compare your own marketing strategy to that of your competitors. 

Charles Tichenor IV is a Founder at Facebook Disrupter, a company that provides resources about Facebook ads. Tichenor says, “Our marketing strategy has benefited greatly from using SEMrush. We’ve modified our marketing strategy based on what we see our competitors doing. It’s important to remember that while you can look at the traffic of any website with SEMrush, you should only be interested in your competitors’ websites and only inform your business’s marketing decisions based on your competitors. While we still use other marketing analytics tools for our big-picture analytics, SEMrush has given us the ability to really pay attention to what our competitors are doing and how it is impacting their business.” 


To summarize, here are the three best marketing analytics tools our experts brought to our attention: 

  • Google Analytics: a simple, free software that tells you everything you need to know about your website’s analytics
  • Ruler: gathers data at the level of the individual for specified changes in your marketing strategy
  • SEMrush: allows you to analyze your competitors’ marketing strategy efficiency and the traffic to their websites

I hope this article was helpful in showing you the best analytics tools currently on the market. With the help of three innovative tools, your new and improved marketing strategy will take your company to new levels. 

Published: November 3, 2022

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