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Why Food Processors Should Use First-In-First-Out Storage

By: Dan Coconate


Technologist in food processing factory controlling process of apple fruit selection and production.

As a food processor, it is important to maintain quality and safety standards to prevent any adverse effects on consumers. Adopting first-in-first-out (FIFO) storage techniques is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your products. This practice is critical in maintaining the shelf life, nutritional content, and quality of your products. Below, we discuss why food processors should use first-in-first-out storage.

Maintaining Quality

First-in-first-out storage ensures that the food processing facility uses its oldest stock first to guarantee and maintain its product quality. Freshness and quality are important factors that influence consumer demand for products. Food processing plants that do not adequately store their products may lose important properties critical to their quality. For example, product flavor or texture may change over time, making it undesirable for consumers. Using first-in-first-out storage guarantees product freshness and long shelf life, reducing food waste.

Ensuring Safety

Food safety is critical in the food processing industry. FIFO storage helps identify and eliminate any risks surrounding foodborne illnesses caused by expired products. This practice reduces consumers’ exposure to harmful expired products. Also, it ensures there is no mixing of different expiration dates, which could lead to contamination, ultimately reducing the health and safety risks associated with your business. This process is also important for keeping your food processing plant clean and properly organized, resulting in a safer facility.

Compliance With Regulations

Using first-in-first-out storage practices is an industry-wide best practice. Complying with these regulations is mandatory. Food processors that fail to comply with FIFO procedures risk regulatory bodies taking legal action against them. Your organization should adopt an effective first-in-first-out storage approach to prevent this.

Saves on Costs

Food waste can be costly for food processors. The FIFO storage technique helps to reduce food waste associated with expired and unsold products. A food processor can save on costs associated with disposing of expired products, which also translates into reduced storage costs and increased profits, by following the FIFO principle.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Lastly, first-in-first-out storage increases customer satisfaction. You build trust with your customers by guaranteeing the quality and freshness of your products. This trust translates to loyalty and repeat business for your organization.

Now that you know why food processors should use first-in-first-out storage, you can take steps to implement this into your operations. You reduce costs associated with food waste and comply with regulations by implementing FIFO storage techniques. Ultimately, it helps maintain customer satisfaction by helping you supply businesses with quality products. As a food processor, you must adopt first-in-first-out storage techniques to guarantee your products’ quality, safety, and freshness.

Published: January 25, 2024

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