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Top 9 Tips to Run an Efficient Small Business

By: Dan Alvin


7 Efficiency Lessons from Small Business

Many small businesses start out doing tasks the long way. While that might work initially, especially when they’re still learning how things work, eventually, it will only waste time, money, and energy. It might even lead to the collapse of the business altogether.

Before becoming the smooth-running, highly-profitable small business of your dreams, you must first learn all the small ways to improve efficiency. These top nine tips can help you with that.

1: Improve the Onboarding Process

Far too many businesses waste time and energy during the onboarding process, only for many new hires to leave soon after. Just imagine how much money that wastes! For proper efficiency, you need to streamline the onboarding process and focus more on hiring great employees. Onboarding software can help you with that. Not only will it save time and reduce hiring costs, but the data access will also help you find the ideal employees for the company.

2: Track Your Fleet

For businesses that have a fleet, tracking it is essential. You have no idea how efficient your fleet is without adequate vehicle tracking. For example, drivers might take obscure routes, fill up on fuel at the least cost-effective places, or even take overly long breaks. Plus, you may only know much later if there’s been an issue on the road. You can ensure the utmost efficiency across the board by tracking the fleet.

3: Keep Meetings Swift

Many employees feel that managers host too many meetings. In some cases, it’s true – too many meetings can destroy productivity.

You can’t eliminate meetings, though. They serve a real purpose, after all. What you can do is cut back on how long they are. What’s the point in wasting half an hour of the team’s time when the same could have been said in ten minutes? Keep every meeting short, and you’ll see a productivity increase.

4: Create a Communicative Workplace

A lot of time can be saved by the simple act of communication. That’s why it’s so important to promote a more communicative workplace. Instead of dissuading your employees from chatting, encourage it! It might just save time on projects and meetings.

Not sure how to encourage more chatter? Team building exercises can help massively. Getting the team together outside of work hours can help, too, as employees often feel free to chat and bond with co-workers when they are away from their work desks.

5: Invest in Time Management Tools

Time management tools are an excellent investment if you want to save business time. It puts things into perspective. For example, an employee might think that they spend half an hour on a not-so-important task each week, only to find that they’re wasting hours of their time that could be better spent elsewhere. Likewise, managers might realize that their meetings go on much longer than necessary. Knowing how much time gets spent on what, the business can make better scheduling decisions for a more efficient workplace.

6: Use Automation

You can automate many tasks to make the workday more efficient than ever. Ordinary tasks like keeping up accounts, scheduling meetings, nurturing leads, and posting on social media can all get completed via automation. This automation frees up your and your employee’s work day for other, more critical projects.

7: Cut Back on Time-wasting Tasks

Many businesses put time and effort into tasks that serve no purpose, only because that’s what they are used to! They might not even realize it’s a time-waster. To ensure your business uses time effectively, consider the necessity of tasks. If a job doesn’t seem all that necessary, consider cutting it altogether.

8: Use a Digital Workspace

With the world growing increasingly digital, it makes sense that workspaces have gone the same way. For easier collaboration and resource access, use a digital workspace. Not only will it reduce costs and improve communication, but it will also allow employees to work more flexibly. On top of that, employee onboarding will become much more efficient when all the staff information, processes, and previous projects are in one place!

9: Keep Up Moral

No matter how many time management tools you implement or how many meetings you cut, efficiency will only reach its peak if you keep up employee morale. The reason is simple – people work better when they feel positive.

Luckily, there are lots you can do to boost morale in the workplace. For example, you could do trust-building exercises, keep an open door, provide a better work-life balance, and work on being a transparent company. All of it helps!

Efficiency is a dream for many business owners. Just because it seems out-of-reach, that doesn’t mean it is. The above nine tips will help you create a much more streamlined workspace – one that saves time while boosting productivity.

Published: November 14, 2022

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