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Top 7 IT Jobs in Demand in 2022

By: Victoria Hill



What would be the jobs that continue to be in demand? Aside from healthcare professionals, IT careers are those that will always be in demand for the next several or more years. It always pays to stay several steps ahead in the IT world and it’s important to be up to speed with the latest types of job and the salaries needed to attract the right level of talent.

Here are the top IT jobs that will be in demand in 2022 and which reflect the best upcoming careers in the IT industry.

A List Of It Jobs That Will Be In Demand

1. Business Intelligence Analyst

For this role, analysts should have experience in analytics, database technology and reporting tools. Typical entry requirements would be a degree in information systems, computer science or engineering and skills to check for include: experience of undertaking database queries; online analytical processing (OLAP); data cube technology and stored procedure writing. Salaries offered would be in the region of between $87,500 up to $185,000 for the most highly qualified and experienced candidates.

2. Cloud Architect

Staff in these roles have a key role in overseeing the cloud computing strategy of a business. Expertise needed includes a robust understanding of multiple operating systems as well as programming, networking and security experience. Prime candidates would be expected to have a firm understanding of services such as Amazon Web Services, in addition to skills in I & O, ITSM, automation, governance and vendor management.

Typical skills to assess include experience of scaling cloud applications, knowledge of contemporary cloud technologies and good communication skills. Salaries for these roles range from a starting point of $117,500 to $196,250 for high end staff.

3. AI Architect

As would be expected, Artificial Intelligence is high on the list of top in demand careers for 2021 onwards. As AI becomes more prevalent in the workplace the need for suitably qualified staff is rising. In terms of what tech jobs in DC and other large cities are in demand right now, this one features high on the list.

Qualifications are likely to include a masters in computer science, AI or data science as well as some experience in analytics or data. A combination of good understanding of technical concepts coupled with excellent communication skills should be a prerequisite for this role. Other skills to look out for should be machine learning and natural processing skills, AI application programming, time management and strategic thinking. To attract the right candidates, salaries should start from $120,250 up to $189,000.

4. Developers For Web, Mobile and Software

Experts in this area design, develop, install, test and maintain various software systems. Key skills needed include designing and constructing website, applications or mobile apps and expected programming languages would be C++, C#, Microsoft, Java, HTML and SQL Server.

Staff in these roles will need to know how to interpret client requests and other skills to assess for include: technical and analytical skills, knowledge of diverse programming languages, BSc in Computer Science and great communication skills. Starting salaries would be in the region of $86,000 for a web developer, $99,250 for a software developer and $121,750 for a mobile developer.

5. Cloud or Network Administrators

Administrators in these roles deal with both hardware and software as well as LAN/WAN protocol. The roles have responsibility for networking services and cloud initiatives and also have a strong troubleshooting element in a business. Typical skills to recruit include diagnostic and analytical skills, professional certification and good communication skills, and salaries tend to be in the range of $76,250 to $129,500.

6. Data Specialists

These roles are already amongst the top in demand careers for many IT specialists, as companies bank more data than ever before. Roles include data analysts, scientists and engineers to sift, sort, store and analyse a vast amount of data produced by a business.

Data sensitivity means understanding and deploying security and confidentiality protocols, and skills required include: ability to analyse and provide insights into datasets and produce findings; gathering and processing of raw data and experience of working with engineering and technology teams. Salaries typically start at $83,750 for a data analyst, $105,750 for a scientist and $130,000 for an engineer.

7. Security Professional

This role is very much in demand for systems, network, data, and cloud security, and IT professionals in this sphere initiate and maintain security measures to keep IT systems safe from external threats and security breaches. They need to ensure regulations and protocol are implemented and adhered to and typical skills would be evidence of management of security audits, vulnerabilities and threats to systems, communication and implementation of policies and procedures and knowledge of laws and regulations. Salaries start at $116,250 for an architect, $101,500 for an engineer and $94,750 for an administrator.

Published: June 11, 2021

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