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How to Protect Businesses When It Won’t Stop Raining

How to Protect Businesses When It Wont Stop Raining

With the copious amounts of rain hitting much of the U.S. this year already, we know it is going to be a wet one. Especially if your business is in California, you know that the state has received torrential rainfall after years of drought. Talk about a 180-degree change! There is much you can do to prepare yourself for the further upcoming rain. If planned properly, you can even use this rain as an advantage for your small business. What others may see as a hassle can instead become your opportunity to rise above the competition. Get your customers to really appreciate your small business by making you sure can provide top-notch service during rainy weather.

Equipment – Rain gear is necessary not only for the safety and comfort of your customers, but also for your employees. Items like floor mats around doorways and umbrella pouches for storing wet equipment will keep your customers happy and the grounds clean. Slips and falls will be prevented, and there will be no injuries for you to deal with. Your customers and employees will thank you for such simple pieces of equipment.

Overhangs around the Doorway – If you have not already installed them, overhangs around the building and doorways are incredibly useful. They allow customers to access the building and walk next to it without getting soaked. Not only will people be more likely to congregate near your building, but they will get the additional benefit of fresh air without all the rain. Customers who need to get picked up or just want to step outside for a moment can do so freely without getting wet. The attraction of people to your buildings for protection from the rain will also bring to your doorstep more potential customers. This is a win-win at a low cost.

Insurance – Protecting yourself from the hazards of Mother Nature is critical. If you are not careful, too much rain or a flood could make a big dent on your small business that you will not be able to recover from. Be sure to protect yourself by buying flood insurance if you live in a potential flooding zones. This is a must for all small business owners. Keep in mind that you should also insure any of your shipped goods in more rainy weather. The incidence of car accidents skyrockets in poor weather, and losing a cargo van of your products can be devastating to a small business, especially if you are just starting out. Protect yourself and your small business by purchasing the necessary insurance.

Cheery Decoration – One way to go above and beyond with your customers is by creating an especially inviting environment for customers during more bleary weather. This could be more Christmas decorations if nearing the holidays such as Christmas lights or wreaths. You could also put up more paintings and repaint your walls to add an additional layer of color to your small business. Don’t be afraid to decorate the place.

Published: June 7, 2017

Source: Biz2Credit

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