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How to Bag a Job Working with Bitcoin

By: Carl Conton


How to Bag a Job Working with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has not just mesmerized investors but it has opened up new opportunities for job seekers, as well. As the value of Bitcoin increased to new levels last year, the job opportunities increased.

According to cnbc.com, the number of Bitcoin-related jobs has increased by 82% in the last 3 months. Similarly, jobs in the field of cryptography have increased by 59% in the 3rd quarter. This clearly indicates that companies are looking to hire people with skills in this field.

Most of the cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin use the blockchain to operate. Blockchain is a decentralized public ledger which verifies the transactions as well as facilitates them. Bitcoin has increased almost tenfold in the last 15 months.

As a result, it is garnering a lot of attention from institutional investors as well as retail investors. This is what is leading to an explosive growth in the blockchain as well as cryptocurrency field.

According to the HackerNoon reports, the average salary of qualified engineers who can work in the blockchain field is as high as $250,000. The question which many job seekers have is how to bag these job opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We will highlight some of the tips which will help you in doing so.

Getting the basics right

According to the CEO of Latium, David Johnson, who runs a platform related to the cryptocurrency gigs, it is important for candidates to get the basics right. Only when they are trained in the specific niche, will they be able to obtain these jobs.

Similarly, Zippia.com recently published information regarding the requirements of companies in this field. According to the website, technical skills are in great demand in this industry. Jobseekers should be fluent in full stack applications, as well as JavaScript.

Going niche

According to Neeraj Agrawal, the spokesperson for Coin center, the candidate should have a vision for the sector but also a niche-based skill, as well. Candidates who have knowledge related to ICO’s and have worked in some of the companies launching ICO’s are preferred. The companies in the ICO list are plenty. That is why it is easier for candidates to get the experience in such companies.

Another skill which is in great demand is developing the smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. As long as candidates are able to get knowledge in this niche fields, they will be able to bag jobs quite easily.

Opting for recent job listings

Another tip which Johnson suggests is to search for jobs in the right locations. The silicon valley industry is filled with start-ups having such vacancies. Similarly, Bitcoin-based jobs might not be that visible on traditional job portals. Reddit, as well as Bitcoin forums, are one of the best resources to search for such jobs.

Simply visiting the websites of the companies launching ICO’s will help you know about such vacancies. With the cryptocurrency space and blockchain space going more and more mainstream, companies are also starting to list their job vacancies on traditional job portals.

If you’re looking for a job in the cryptocurrency space or the blockchain space, these few guidelines should help you bag a job quite easily.

Editor’s Note: Any financial information or opinions contained in this article are the author’s own and do not represent endorsement or support of any products or services by SmallBizClub.com.

Published: May 30, 2018

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