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How to Choose the Right SAP Consultant: Guide to the Essentials

By: Lyssa Meroff


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Harder, better, faster, stronger – that’s what the modern business environment looks like. The business environment features one of the most favorable yet demanding periods. To stay ahead of others, businesses push the limits of innovation and implement products to maximize productivity and market performance. One such solution is the SAP ecosystem, designed specifically for businesses that crave operational efficiency, speed, and non-stop performance. But choosing the right SAP consultant can seem overwhelming.

How can businesses introduce SAP into the company’s structure? Let’s learn together.

What Is SAP ERP?

SAP is a comprehensive business solution that targets various aspects of a company’s functioning. SAP products allow businesses to create a fully digitized and transparent company structure with every department accessing the shared data.

Overall, there are 64 modules that can be implemented as independent products, or co-joined with other modules by using intermediaries. SAP software allows companies to manage finance, logistics, human resources, supply chain, and other business operations.

SAP’s modular structure makes it easily adaptable and flexible. Businesses build their structures on demand, depending on market requests.

Why Choose SAP Consultants?

SAP system is rather challenging to understand: there are different categories and subcategories of modules, their functions and integration capabilities are different, the functionalities of some modules overlap, etc. Therefore, there is a need for professional guidance and help provided by SAP consulting services.

SAP consulting companies possess highly qualified specialists, whose knowledge and expertise help businesses choose and proceed with the most workable solutions. They analyze the business’s needs and provide all the required information regarding the modules to choose from.

How to Choose an SAP Consultant?

While the necessity of an SAP consultant is rather obvious, choosing the right company is quite challenging, considering the number of options on the Internet. Although quite a few companies seem suitable for cooperation, it is important to check their core characteristics to ensure their expertise and skill set.

1.   Get to know SAP products

Before reaching the companies integrators and their consultants, it is highly recommended to get to know SAP solutions. Profound knowledge isn’t required, yet, at least a basic understanding will have a great impact on the overall cooperation.

2.   Check the experience and expertise

Experience is one of the most valuable characteristics, as it makes cooperation possible. The SAP consulting company should have certified teams of consultants and developers with a decent track record of successful SAP projects across different industries.

For instance, LeverX, an SAP-certified partner and a global supplier of SAP products features an ongoing 20+ year partnership with SAP solutions, which makes them true professionals in the field.

Having been with SAP for more than 20 years, LeverX teams have honed their SAP implementation skills and become the top leaders among SAP integrators.

3.   Look for industry knowledge

Knowledge of SAP products is just a part of the deal; SAP consultants are obliged to have a decent understanding of the relevant industry and its inner processes. It allows them to understand the unique needs of their potential clients, and offer the best-fitting SAP solutions.

4.   Focus on communication skills

Communication is the key to understanding. Apart from possessing well-developed soft skills, the consultant should be able to explain complicated things in simple terms, to let their clients understand the processes.

SAP implementation is the key to a company’s transformation, therefore, a pleasant and mutually understanding environment will be key to success.

5.   Study the reviews

Internet resources allow users to check the reliability of the company they are about to work with—GlassDorrs, TrustPilot, Clutch, and even Google Reviews—everything helps to analyze the company’s performance and make an informed decision about future collaboration.

6.   Explore the portfolio cases

Portfolios are the main source of information regarding the SAP company’s efficiency. They help track the history of cooperation and check the efficiency of the company’s services. Look through all the cases and their details to see how the company addresses the needs of the clients.

Concluding Lines

SAP is the leading solution in the ERP market; it started the era of modular ERPs and keeps developing its beneficial nature and impact. A robust SAP-powered company architecture empowers businesses with cutting-edge tools for proper business management and control.

The efficiency of SAP’s functioning is based on the right selection and development of its modules. Don’t hesitate to contact an SAP consultant to introduce efficiency to your company and successful market performance.

Published: June 14, 2024

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