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Don’t Let Shutdown Fears Stop Business from Growing

By: Lynn Ruthe


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Starting a business can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Many individuals don’t have the chance to pursue the dream of being their own boss. But, here you are putting that dream to life. 

After years of saving money, it’s time to set up the business of your dreams. Look for a location that has great traffic to have customers notice your small business and holds an affordable price so you can keep your business running for years to come.

Keep your small business up and running for the many years to come. Keep sales high through any occasion life throws. Remember, people will buy your goods when advertised right. Always interact with your customers and potential customers.

Running a Small Business During The COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID conquering the daily lives of several individuals, it is especially difficult to run a business under these unprecedented times. Depending on your location, it is important to follow regulations and guidelines to keep not only yourself and your staff members safe, but community members safe as well. 

Some days will be harder at times than others. Days can be slow, and others can be busy. Don’t let COVID get in the way of your harder days. Go with the flow and plan your business accordingly. Take your time in during this process.

There is no set timeline to when the pandemic will be over or if everything will be back to normal. Adjust your skills and your business to safer measures. Keep busy areas sanitized, encourage a six-foot distance between individuals, and always wear a mask. This too, will help maintain your business. 

With the pandemic, a business curfew may be inputted or a short closure. Plan the running of your open business accordingly to beat these challenges. With the advancement of technology, selling products is easier than ever. 

During these pandemic times, don’t feel that you are alone. Many small business owners like yourself are struggling as well. This is a new setting where caution is implemented for the sake of the future. 

With that said, take advantage of resources. There are grants and other helpful sources dedicated to small business. Apply to these to help benefit your business. Extra help is always welcomed especially during a time of need. Think about the importance of your business and regulate it through the importance of the people.

5 Great Tips for Growth

Every business has its regular tasks to keep up with more often than ever. Running a business is a daily task that needs to be tracked to avoid failure. 

As the business owner, it is essential to see the growth of the business on a daily to weekly basis. Always compare past revenue to current. Keep an eye on promotions to see what works for the business and what doesn’t. 

Also, a running business is a good business. Don’t get discouraged so quickly when things aren’t going according to plan. Taking action is always a great thing, especially when taken immediately.

Also, take this time to do online transactions. If you can mail your items, go for it. This is an easy and safe way to keep your business going. For other items, delivery and pick-up can be issued and still be a safe option. 

With online payment, it’s easier for small business owners to take a challenge in a different economy. Grow positively with old and new knowledge.

Using Media to Grow Your Small Business

The use of social media is powerful. Several individuals use these platforms for growth, advertising, and more. Take part in Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

Instagram is a great social media platform to use. The name of your business will be set up best as your username to tell others who you are immediate. A bio description will tell others as well as what you represent. Also, your feed of photos will showcase the items you sell.

Take this opportunity to reach out to many individuals. Use hashtags, display locations, and follow interested folks to get them to follow you back. This is the best way to get on the popular page to have many others see your small business and share it with their friends. And here’s the best part, when users see your post they can heart and comment on your posts. In other words, feedback will be given to show you how your business is progressing.

Instagram isn’t the only social media platform you can use for your business. It’s one of the many. As a matter of fact, use more than one form of social media to better get the word out about your business. Take this opportunity to interact with customers and potential customers.

Another growing social media platform is TikTok. There are many TikTok challenges people take part in. As a business, try to take part in these challenges to gain more interactions. Besides, fun vibes will be seen and show the positivity you’re business holds.

Moreover, TikTok is great to show the steps of your packaged products be done in a matter of seconds. Social media is quickly leading the first impression to be quick. 

Moreover, social media isn’t the only platform you can use. Get creative with your own website. Be interactive with visitors that go on your site for your business. 

Just in case you are not confident in promoting your business online, use a content service like this one. Please leave it to the pros and be impressed with how great your business looks online. Learn from their skills, and soon you can take over your own sites.

Having a professional presentation site can go a long way, just like social media platforms. Individuals are always on the internet. As long as your sites are clicked, your small business is heading in the right way to grow.

Social media and everything to do with the web is powerful. Take time in your content. Individuals see with their eyes first. The words and sound come after. Nowadays, they may prefer visuals due to the many uploads of photos. Think about it; selfies are a popular form of photography.

Freshen Up Your Entrepreneurship Skills 

No matter how many classes you have taken our years of experience you have been in the business industry, it’s important to renew your skills. Freshen up the skills you already know to have it better engraved in your memory.

The role of business always changes. Learn new tips and more helpful entrepreneur skills to better adapt to the future of your business. There are always ways to grow in a world that continues to evolve through technology.

Don’t be afraid to take classes. Growing your education is always a great thing. It also allows you to interact and network with others.

Networking is a great form of learning. Learn from others about their methods and come up with future ideas to grow businesses. Working together to improve businesses will go a long way for the future of your business. 

Mistakes to Avoid While Running Your Small Business

Sometimes, mistakes happen. Don’t let that get in the way of your business. Fix them and change them before its too late. Closing a business doesn’t happen immediately. It’s the fear that takes over you quickly.

There is always an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Once learned, learn to avoid these mishaps in the future. Make little negatives throughout your business journey.

Remember, mistakes are often harder to pursue. The whole reason you started a business is that you had the confidence to. Having skills in moving your business forward is important. That is why mistakes should rarely be faced. 

Keeping a Positive Attitude

Be happy. Be proud of every little step your business takes. Celebrate every little moment and give yourself some much-needed breaks. Breathe in and treat yourself to some self-care times. Don’t stress yourself out.

Be proud of your team. Positive reinforcement is great for your staff members. A happy team reflects a positive business that shows potential to grow. A happy attitude shows customers the reputation of the company.

The reputation of the company is one thing that matters. Customers notice the vibes of a business. With that said, individuals want to shop in a happy environment. 

No matter the time the world is facing, unprecedented or not, face the many challenges to have your business thrive. Do it positively and don’t give up. Make history as a growing small business that has been around for years and years of hardship. 

Last Words

Be proud of your business. You created a service for individuals in your community to go to. Because of that, customers find a source of comfort. Be proud of your accomplishment and the image you have set for your business. 

Proceed in success, always ask for help, and always have a plan for every day of your small business. Aim higher for not only yourself but for the future of your business.

Published: November 24, 2020

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