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Don’t Just Rely on Experience to Succeed – Studying Can Improve Your Small Business

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Anyone can start a business and make it a success with experience. However, sometimes experience alone might not be enough. There are many aspects of running a business that can be improved upon through study and learning. Continue reading for four things you can learn and develop through studying, and will be able to transfer to your small business.

Subject Knowledge

Studying, whether at university, college, e-learning or via another means, will serve to enhance your specific subject knowledge. Not only will you have experts in the subject as your lecturers, but you will also have others in the course who may be encountering similar issues to you.

Often, the course you follow will deal with the main areas of your subject, as well as some historic issues and the theory behind everything. In other words, the teaching you receive should be balanced and offer an unbiased view. It ought to make you think differently about what you think you already know.

To make sure the course you are considering meets your needs, check out these English university rankings which ought to help with your decision making. It may also be worth speaking to members of the alumni for that course to ask them questions to discover its suitability.


Most courses, including an online MBA, incorporate an aspect of collaboration. From group presentations to long-term work projects, there are often several elements requiring students to work with others. Although this can feel incredibly frustrating at times, particularly if your work ethic differs from that of others, it can provide you with fantastic experience to transfer back to your business. Remember that in everyday life we are faced with challenging situations. Dealing with these problems as a team and knowing how to handle the situation when someone is not pulling their weight will certainly be useful for work as well as study.


Almost the inverse of the above, independence is something you certainly develop. While you may see yourself already as an independent person, this could change that opinion almost immediately. When it comes to study, it is imperative to have a work ethic whereby you work on your own to complete a task. Of course, you can use other people’s studies and research to support your own essays and studies, but ultimately you must form your own views and write about them accordingly. It is vital to avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing and always referencing your work carefully.


It is easy to put things off until a later date when you are studying. However, doing this often leads you to have many pieces of work to complete at the same time. Try to focus your efforts more purposefully and be less distracted by other things. Procrastination is never your friend. This is something you learn very quickly whilst studying and is relevant to the workplace.

You can also help yourself to develop better focus by learning to prioritize effectively. If you have a 5000-word essay as well as a 1000-word report to do, you may think it best to get the shorter one out of the way first. However, you must also allocate yourself time to edit and revise. Find out which method works for you and go with it. Focus is your friend in business, too.

Published: April 8, 2020

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