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Creating Business Magic: The Power of Alignment

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As raving Disney fans, we’ve collectively visited Disney parks around the world hundreds of times, leading others to ask…”Why?!?”

What is it that keeps us going back again and again? It’s a fair question, and one we’ve pondered ourselves. Neither of us are thrill ride junkies, theme park enthusiasts, or extroverts who love being out in a crowd, so why Disney time and time again? Diving deeper, we realized it’s not about rides, shows, or the iconic Mickey-shaped snacks. It’s the way we feel in those magical moments we experience in a Disney park – a sense of ease, relaxation, and pure joy.

Contrary to popular belief, the ‘Disney Experience’ isn’t merely a concoction of cute characters, thrilling attractions, fireworks, and sugary snacks. If that were the case, every theme park would have the same kind of success. It’s about the power of alignment.

It’s more than designing attractions and characters; it’s a meticulously crafted feeling created via a deliberately designed guest experience where happiness awaits at every corner. It’s about running a business built upon a deep understanding that EVERYTHING SPEAKS, delivered by a team whose universally understood, unwritten job description is to create happiness.

If you think this sounds like a lot of BS, you’re right!

The core of creating a customer experience that drives business success is all about BS (brain science, that is), and it’s the guiding philosophy of our own business and everything we create for our clients. The key lies in the intentional application of psychology to create an immersive experience that evolves from a transaction into a continuous, meaningful conversation with customers.

Much like strolling through the Magic Kingdom from Main Street to Tomorrowland, where every step reveals carefully crafted changes from the ground beneath your feet to the music playing in the background, from the architecture of the buildings to the type of plants surrounding you. Each transition to a new ’land’ is designed with precision rooted in brain science.

This seamless power of alignment relaxes the brain, allowing it to absorb the experience and intended messages with ease. So you won’t see a palm tree in Frontierland because that wouldn’t make sense; the brain would struggle to figure it out – and boom, you’ve  just lost the connection to that immersive, effortless experience.

What Story is Your Business Telling?

When it comes to creating a customer journey, most models depict it as a linear sequence leading to a sale, when the reality is far more intricate. The customer journey is a winding path with a series of touchpoints extending well beyond the sale, each communicating what your company stands for and what someone can expect when working with you.

Every contact, every post or advertisement, every comment, every email, and every product or service is a piece of a mosaic shaping your customer’s experience. It’s a collection of moments that, when pieced together, form a narrative about your brand.

And just like that palm tree would be misplaced in Frontierland, a business failing to meet customer expectations at any touchpoint risks creating low trust that results in lost sales, diminished retention, and negative reviews.

Our SmartBusiness™ Approach

In working with our clients, we categorize these ‘mosaic moments’ into three key areas: Sales, Service, and Leadership, which when woven into the fabric of Everything Speaks, form the foundation for a thriving business. Picture it as a sturdy tripod, where these three pillars work together to propel your organization toward success.

Just as a slight wobble in one pillar disrupts the balance, aligning them unlocks the full potential of your business, delivering sustainable growth and remarkable results. It’s this power of alignment that forms the cornerstone of our collaboration with clients, ensuring each touchpoint contributes to their overall success.

What We Know for Sure

  1. Smart businesses foster a customer-focused approach that transcends individual transactions by leveraging relationship-driven, consultative sales strategies. They employ a consistent sales experience that speaks directly to each customer’s unique needs in a way that resonates, and in turn, expedites the sales process.
  2. Successful businesses know that to stand out, they have to consistently provide exceptional service. In today’s landscape, that means creating lasting impressions through authentic connections, insightful solutions, and emphasis on an effortless customer experience. When a business embraces these principles, they create a level of customer loyalty that extends beyond transactions.
  3. Sustainable business success is driven by smart leaders who rather than just steer the ship, strategically steer it towards growth and alignment. When you empower leaders with the skills to lead a collective vision, it permeates every aspect of the business. Leaders who inspire create a culture where success becomes the norm.

Transformational Results

When Sales, Service, and Leadership align within an everything speaks culture, the impact on revenue, retention, referrals, and reputation is profound.

Aligning the pillars is a revenue jackpot. When you focus on opening a relationship vs. closing a sale, you build immediate trust that expedites the sales process and creates customers who willingly invest more in what you have to offer.

Research shows that up to 80% of your future revenue will come from 20% of your current customers. A seamless experience builds the kind of trust that translates into long-term customer loyalty. When every touchpoint aligns, customers stay, and they spend more on your products and services.

When you exceed a customer’s expectations, they become your biggest advocates. Alignment turns customers into a referral powerhouse, bringing in new opportunities and customers without the marketing expense and effort. In a nutshell, you’re growing your salesforce without adding to staff!

Aligning your business can make you the trusted name in your industry, enhance brand credibility and make you the go-to solution.

The Bottom Line

In the journey to alignment, where success hinges on delivering an exceptional experience, the “everything speaks” philosophy becomes your magic wand. Imagine a business where every touchpoint contributes to a seamless, memorable customer experience with Sales, Service, and Leadership in lockstep, driving success and turning potential customers into passionate advocates.

That’s the secret sauce.

It’s also why, year after year, you’ll find us happily strolling through Adventureland, Dole-Whip in hand, ready to board the Jungle Cruise for the umpteenth time, while Disney reaps the benefits of cultivating an aligned experience that keeps their guests coming back again and again.

If you’re ready to align your business for success, we invite you to connect with us at https://thesmartbusinessacademy.com/connect. Let’s explore how we can help you create a thriving business that captivates and retains customers for long-term success.

Published: January 8, 2024

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Leslie Rae and Whitney Horton are co-founders of The SmartBusiness™ Academy. Former corporate leaders turned successful entrepreneurs, they've mastered the art of creating exceptional customer experiences for business owners who want to increase the bottom line, outsell the competition, and build strong relationships with the market that sustain future growth. With a global impact on over 100,000 individuals, their expertise lies in fostering genuine human connections in an increasingly impersonal world as a way to stand out in the market and get results.

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