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5 Types of Business Degrees You Can Get Online 

By: Ryan Kidman


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Becoming a successful leader in the business world takes skill, practice, and some level of education. Whether you want to stop at a bachelor’s degree or go a step further with your MBA, there is something for everybody in the academic world of business.

Deciding on what sector of the business world you wish to focus on can be more difficult. While some of us may want to be business analysts – in an in-demand career field with plenty of exciting opportunities and work –others may wish to branch out into different disciplines like marketing, accounting, and more.

But for many of us, going back to school full time simply isn’t in the cards. An online option aptly fixes that problem. That’s why we made this list with a few types of business degrees you can get online. Check it out below.

Human Resources

Human Resources (known affectionately as HR to most folks) is a steady career path for anyone interested in recruiting, managing a team, and working extensively with the human element. Becoming an HR specialist usually requires a bachelor’s degree in HR or another business field.

Part of what an HR manager/specialist does is interviewing, recruiting, screening, and hiring employees. They also handle most of the behind-the-scenes details of the employee’s time at a given company, including promotions, training, discipline, onboarding, and termination. It’s generally an office position with a very positive outlook, projected to grow at least ten percent over the next ten years.

Because many companies require HR managers, there are plenty of opportunities for not only working in the field but also finding other positions at different companies as your career progresses. New HR managers can expect a median wage of $63,000, with increases based on a work level and seniority over time.


Do you love numbers, spreadsheets, math, and helping people figure out/keep track of their finances? Then accounting might be the ideal career for you. Accountants are responsible for preparing, reviewing, and auditing budgets as well as keeping track of an organization’s finances. They may also play a hand in payroll functions and spend time explaining billing/invoicing to clients and customers.

A significant part of the job resolving discrepancies and analyzing/preparing financial information. Accountants can work in the private sector, public sector, for the government, in forensics, and more. To become an accountant, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and should plan on taking your certified public accountant exam to become a CPA. The median average wage for an accountant is around $73, 300 per year as of 2020. Getting an accounting degree is pretty easy online, as many different schools offer it at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Business Administration

A degree in business administration can be one of the most versatile degrees you can get, applicable across a large pool of different fields. From technology to finance and everything in between, a degree in this field is conducive to setting yourself up for future success. As a business admin, you’re responsible for planning, organizing, managing, and coordinating most aspects of a business’s operation.

For this field of study, why not consider attending a non-profit online college like the University of the People? It offers all three of the degree options in addition to certificates. Better yet, they offer a tuition-free college experience. They don’t charge for their courses, books, or course materials. Therefore, it isn’t going to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to take a single course. They do, however, charge small assessment fees for each course and an application fee. It’s also an accredited school, so its degrees are just as valid and applicable to any career as a traditional brick-and-mortar college.

Supply Chain Management

Crucial to our modern world, supply chains are something that needs near-constant oversight and can benefit from a highly trained, motivated manager. Supply chain managers coordinate, organize and supervise everything around the supply chain. This includes acquiring and distributing goods. There’s plenty of collaboration and communication across various departments, including price negotiations and analyzing/increasing efficiency.

It can be a challenging position but ultimately lead to a satisfying career. Becoming a supply chain manager requires several years of experience in a supervisory or management position and a bachelor’s degree in any business field—although a master’s degree might be preferred depending on the organization.


Finance is one of the fastest-growing fields in the business discipline these days. What makes it so appealing to prospective candidates and college graduates? It has the potential to be quite lucrative. A financial manager does just about everything you can think of in the financial sector. They’ll write plenty of financial reports, directs investment, and create financial goals. They aren’t exclusive to banks, often working in other industries including insurance firms and investment companies.

Another career field that requires a bachelor’s degree, financial management also typically requires additional experience as an accountant or other financial job. Finance managers make over $134,000 a year at the median and can require some fairly long hours. But if it’s something you’re passionate about and invested in, finance can be a great long-term career option for you.

Published: September 30, 2021

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