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4 Important Tips to Keep Your Company Car Safe

By: Dan Alvin


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Company cars are usually one of the largest investments a business will make. It’s not hard to see why vehicles are pricey, and some businesses will need a special vehicle, such as one with a logo or even certain features.

However, it’s so important that this car is safe. Now only employees whose lives will be on the line, but those driving on the road next to it. So, here are some tips for keeping the company car safe.

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Regular maintenance and inspections

Keeping the company car safe requires a systematic approach. Regular maintenance and inspections can help ensure that your vehicles operate to their best performance. This saves money and reduces the risk of breakdowns. Regular inspections will help to identify small issues before they become major problems. This means that less expensive repairs can be made in the future. They also help to keep your drivers safe. A faulty vehicle can lead to an accident and put employees at risk.

Keep a clean car

Keeping your company car clean is a great way to make yourself look and feel more professional. But it’s more complex than buying products and hopping in the car. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your car looking great and feeling clean. You should also wash the interior of your car. This should be done regularly. You should also consider using an interior vacuum. This can help keep your car looking great and improve fuel economy. Remember, a company car still represents the company on the road, so make sure it’s clean.

Zero tolerance policy

When it comes to employees using the company car, you will want to have your employees avoid any accidents. However, one thing that’s so important to do is to create a zero-tolerance policy. This can include eating and drinking in the car. However, another should be not using mobile devices behind the wheel.

Using a mobile device in a company car is dangerous and can be a distraction source. Employers should have a zero-tolerance policy that prohibits using a mobile device while driving company vehicles. In addition to being a source of distraction, using a mobile device while driving a company car can result in costly accidents.

Safety training seminars

An effective safety training program can save your company from productivity losses and fines. A good training program should include an orientation to the safety program, training on specific hazards, and supervised use of controls, says truck accident lawyer Andrew Pickett . This will protect you as your business holds regular training seminars—proving your commitment to road and employee safety.

Workers should also be supervised in the use of PPE. They should also learn how to use controls and implement procedures. Employees should be encouraged to report any safety incidents. These reports can help the company identify ways to improve the safety program. A safety training seminar can be conducted on-site or online. Onsite training offers a more intimate setting for the instructor to teach and for the attendees to ask questions. It also allows the trainer to identify potential hazards.

Published: November 30, 2022

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