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Top 5 Benefits of Dashcams with GPS Systems

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Control and accountability are essential for running productive organizations. However, while managers can easily track the performance of employees in the workplace, those who work for your company from outside the office can present a challenge.

Whether it’s to source supplies or deliver products on time, well-maintained transport systems are critical to businesses. Powerful technological advancements have made fleet management and tracking drivers’ behavior easier. This article will investigate the synergistic benefits of Dashcams and GPS Systems 2023.

Read on or watch this quick video summary to discover the top 5 benefits of using dashcams with GPS systems.

1. Proactively Manage Driver Behavior

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If you know what your drivers are doing, you can see who needs coaching to break bad habits and develop better ones. It is important to get insight into the driver’s point of view and understand what they are encountering on the road rather than using coaching as a form of reprimand. Use incentives to reward both good and improving drivers. Most importantly, by combining dash cam with GPS tracking, you can determine which locations and behaviors pose the greatest risk to your fleet—and why.

Avoiding collisions altogether is even better than determining who was at fault in a collision. If a risky event occurs, you can see the driver’s actions and understand why. Without the full context, what appears to be risky behavior is often a skillful maneuver to avoid a collision.

2. Improved Customer Service

Having drivers under surveillance allows them to be on their best behavior. This, combined with quick service provided by efficient routing and a record of arrival at customer sites, ensures that your customer service remains at the top. Furthermore, any customer complaints can be analyzed against video evidence, allowing proper measures to be taken quickly to compensate the wronged party.

3. Insurance Facilitation

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If you have fleet dash camera systems installed, insurance providers will most likely offer discounted packages because they recognize the savings from fraud and risk mitigation. This technology can also help you process your insurance claims quickly in the event of an accident. Because insurance claims require strong evidence before they can be processed, having videos of accidents can help you get your claims approved and processed quickly.

4. Optimize Productivity

Although it should go without saying that safer drivers are more efficient drivers, video telematics can also help you optimize productivity in other ways. With GPS, fleet managers can see where all of their vehicles are, allowing them to respond to service calls quickly by rerouting the closest truck.

A fleet manager can see more about what is happening with a specific vehicle and help the driver solve problems on the fly—or understand why a driver has deviated from their usual route—using video.

Geofencing uses GPS to track when drivers are in a specific area, such as a highway or company premise, assisting fleets in understanding how much time they spend stuck in traffic on the highway or at a job site. These discoveries can be used to boost operational efficiency.

5. Enabling Efficient Routing

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The efficiency of operations is crucial to the profitable operation of a firm. Choosing the quickest and safest routes for ordinary, everyday activities is made possible by having the locations of every vehicle in your fleet linked to maps. Also, you can ensure that each employee chooses their own separate shortest path. All this offers huge time savings by speeding up the process and cost savings by decreasing fuel, labor time, and vehicle wear and tear.

Bonus: Enhanced Driver Safety

Providing employees with safe working conditions should be the company’s top priority. Fleet dash camera systems ensure your drivers’ safety in various ways. As smart in-cab cameras detect signs of exhaustion and audible issue alerts, your driver can be called back to focus to either pull over or rest or to inform you of their condition and get off duty for the day. Having a 360-degree record of the surroundings also ensures you can protect your drivers with solid evidence in case of false accusations made by other parties following an accident. This allows your company to demonstrate its commitment to its core values.

You Can Efficiently Prevent Parking Accidents

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Parking can be a nightmare, especially for beginner drivers who tend to accidentally scratch other cars while they are struggling to park theirs. Have you ever found your beloved car scratched or seriously damaged, even though it was perfectly intact when you parked it the night before? Tired of your neighbor scraping your car while attempting to pull theirs out?

A well-installed dash camera can also effectively record vandals attempting to break into your car, especially if you frequently leave your vehicle unattended in public or poorly lit areas. One of the most significant benefits of dashboard cameras is that most can be set to stay on all night without requiring you to leave your car engine running.

In addition, the dashcams can be operated remotely from the comfort of your home, and all data can be sent to your laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone. These cameras are designed to provide car owners with the peace of mind they require at night, knowing their vehicles are secure in the parking lot!

Bottom line

Incorporating technology into fleet management improves performance. You may see a positive return on investment in less than eleven months after implementing fleet management solutions.

Because such solutions enable high cost and time savings, you can make your business as efficient as possible. Such advantages are required to ensure survival in today’s increasingly competitive markets, so investing in sophisticated vehicle monitoring systems should not be delayed.

Published: April 21, 2023

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