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What Qualities Does a Leader Need, Post-Covid?

By: Ed Smith



Covid-19 has had a fairly seismic impact on the world of business. It’s forced companies to invest heavily in digital; it’s forced others to rethink their business model entirely. It’s presented business leaders with entirely new kinds of challenge, too. Leaders who need to prosper in the post-Covid environment will find themselves leaning more heavily into certain skills than they did before – and now might therefore be a great time to review those skills, and aim to build on them.


The pandemic has been a challenge for many of us – and some workers might find that they haven’t coped as well as others. Adjusting to lockdown conditions, and then segueing back into normality, might not be as straightforward as we’d like. It might have had a negative effect on our mental health.

Having a boss who’s able to understand and empathise, and to allow workers to make the transition at their own pace, can be invaluable. It’ll help persuade everyone that their mental wellbeing is being taken seriously, and that the company has their interests at heart in the long-term, rather than just raw productivity and profit margins.

Team Management

Being able to build a cohesive team that works effectively together has always been an advantage for those in leadership positions. But with the introduction of working-from-home practices, the task is made all the more difficult. Incorporating digital tools to aid communication, and regularly reviewing progress and taking suggestions from the team, are all surely essential in refining the process for the long-term.


One thing that’s certain about the economy of the future is that it’s going to be difficult to predict. Managers and businesses will need to be able to implement strategies that can be shaped to fit the coming challenges – and that might require going back on plans that you’ve invested significant time and emotional energy in. This goes especially for interim management, where you’re in a new business every few months.

Leveraging Technology

Over the course of the pandemic, certain technologies have played a vital role in keeping the wheels of business turning. Among the more obvious of these is video-conferencing software like Zoom and Microsoft’s Teams – but productivity apps like Trello and Monday have also made it easier for workers to collaborate with one another without actually seeing one another.

It’s entirely likely that these technologies will continue to play a role in the post-Covid economy. Workers, having gotten used to the luxury of being able to work from home, will be unlikely to want to give it up so easily. It might be one of the first things that potential job applicants look for when they apply for a new position. By having the right technologies in place, you’ll be able to make your business attractive to the top talent that it needs to prosper.

Published: March 23, 2021

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