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How to Improve Relationships With Returning Employees

By: Lynn Ruthe


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As businesses begin operating in traditional workplaces again and employees begin to return to work it’s important for employers to improve and maintain good relationships with their employees.

The last year has been tough for both businesses and individuals alike, so its important for businesses to acknowledge this. Building trust and providing employees with a sense of purpose is imperative for the long term success of both the employer and employee.

Working from home led to many people feeling isolated which had a massive impact on mental health and now as we begin our re-entry into the world and return to the new normal, different anxieties are beginning to emerge.

Why it’s important to improve relationships

Having a good relationship with your employees is not only beneficial for the individuals involved, but for the entire company. Studies show that employees who have mutual respectful relationships with their employers are more likely to be happy, loyal and productive. This in turn leads to a happier and more productive and therefore profitable business.

Good relationships help with staff retention. It costs on average £12,000 for SMEs to replace an employee. And if relationships aren’t fostered early on this could have a detrimental affect on the future of the company.

How to improve relationships

One of the main things that many businesses have learned over the last 12 months is that they need to listen to their employees. Building an employee relations team can help coordinate and communicate between managers and employees. Monthly meetings are a great way to brainstorm ideas to keep employees motivated and create strategies based on feedback. Creating a culture that encourages employee feedback and actually taking action on what you learn will instantly help improve relationships.

As the world begins to open up, one thing that’s set to stay is ensuring adequate levels of PPE is provided. Employees want to feel safe in the workspace, so it’s important than employers put the health and safety of their employees first. Whether it’s providing masks and goggles or protective screens between desks.

Making work less stressful can instantly help improve relationships and employees overall mental health. Employee burnout is a real issue within many workplaces, with nearly a quarter of the workforce at their burnout breaking point. The main issues that create this pressure are the culmination of little free time, low wages compared with the cost of living, raising families, and ongoing work demands. To help negate these problems, many companies are trialling four-day weeks, offering good benefit packages, and offering flexible work arrangements.

Published: May 19, 2021

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