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15 Simple Ways Of Keeping Your Team Working Well Each Week

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Any successful business will have staff members that are both productive and content with what they’re doing. You cannot thrive without the people on your side all doing the right things and having the right attitudes. People will always be important to a business – the leader gets a lot of the credit and publicity, but they cannot do it all on their own. https://unsplash.com/photos/DyFjxmHt3Es

Any good business typically has a good leader. You cannot run a good company if you’re hiring people and simply neglecting them along the way. It’s more than just having the knowledge, you need to have the people skills, too. Knowing how to deal with people and their personalities matters a lot. Whether you’re directly hands-on or whether you delegate a little from time to time, you must make sure that you know what’s happening on the shop floor.

To keep people working well and motivated, you have to make sure that you are doing a few things. You cannot expect people to be robots and to be working non-stop without your help. Here are just a few things you can do to ensure people are kept content and productive along the way:

Set the Right Example 

You’re the leader, so you have to make sure that you are the one that they’ll be looking to follow. If you sit around and expect others to put a real shift in, then you’re going to be a little surprised by the results. Even the most motivated people can be swayed by their surroundings. They might work hard, but they can slowly lose their mojo by simply seeing others in a negative mindset or if they’re adopting lazy behaviors. As the front and center of the job, you must make sure you’re setting a good example.

Be Empathetic – Let Them Know They Can Talk About Anything

They are people at the end of the day. They aren’t robots, as we’ve reiterated. A good leader in the workplace not only knows how to get the best out of their staff in terms of the job itself but also as a human being. You want people who enjoy coming in every day and who bring a good atmosphere. If you’re a good, honest person who can be trusted, then they’ll be more than happy to be around you and they’ll feel that comfort needed. If they are able to confide in you, too, then that can make for a wonderful piece of teamwork. Mental health is being spoken about a lot in this day and age, and it’s worth taking this side of things into account.

Ensure You Have the Right Workplace 

Good work takes place when everyone is in a comfy and convenient environment. Things shouldn’t become too comfy, of course, because complacency could happen. You have to make sure you have an office, warehouse, factory, or whichever workplace that is stellar and fit for purpose. When you work in a room that just doesn’t get you going, it can be a terrible thing.

Promote Positive Behavior and Energy 

How you behave day to day matters a lot. We talked about setting a good example, but the overall disposition needs to be fit for a successful workplace. Some people like the idea of being pessimistic and borderline realistic. This is because they’ll make sure everything is done properly while they expect the worst. Positivity always wins, however, because it promotes the right attitude. Even if things go a little south, you’ll have the wherewithal and the attitude to make things right again.

Have A Set Plan For The Collective Group

You’ll have business plans and you’ll have plans for yourself. You’ll probably also have plans for the team immediately underneath you. Having a small idea of what you want your team to do, however, may not suffice. It may take you so far, but it won’t allow you to get a full system running. You have to make sure that everyone collectively knows what’s happening. If you have a plan, then everyone is going to be more content as they’ll feel part of a unit.

Have A Plan For Each Individual, Too 

Individuals won’t just want to feel like cogs in a machine, however. As we keep reiterating: they are real people with feelings and their own lives. They won’t be content if they feel as though they’re just a replaceable and functional entity. If you speak one-on-one with them and let them know what your plans for them are, then they’ll feel more valued. They’ll be more inclined to bounce out of bed in the morning and be a solid part of a team.

Incorporate Breaks from The Norm And Team-Building Days 

Doing the same thing over and over again might work for some. It will definitely work for bots, but not for the majority of the people on your payroll. If you have little breaks from the norm and allow staff to shake up how they work, then it’s going to put smiles on faces. A lot of the time, breaks and team-building activities feel like field trips back in school days. That difference can really allow the mind to think differently from the same thing over and over again. The team-building side will obviously allow the staff to bond even more.

Hire The Right Personalities for The Group

This might be quite a tough one, to begin with, because you can never really get to know a person right away. You can sort of get an inkling, however, during an interview. You can get a better idea during a probationary period, too, of course. It’s not just about getting the best person for the position, you also have to get the right people because they’re going to be around every single day. If you have a few bad apples in the group, then you could find yourself in a pretty awkward position.

Set Goals for Everyone 

If everyone has a goal in mind, then they’re going to work harder. They’re also going to be more content with what they’re doing each day. Every single person likes having a motive in life. We love knowing that there’s an accomplishment to make and a box to tick. If they individually and collectively reach goals, they’ll feel happier and want to do it more.

Make Sure the Entire Place Is Neat and Organized 

This sort of goes without saying, but your workplace should be assembled in the right fashion. It should be kept tidy and hygienic at pretty much all times, too. Even the slightest mess or bit of clutter can have an adverse effect on the team.

Think About the Accessibility of The Workplace 

Getting to work is obviously a huge aspect of working life. If a lot of your staff members are not happy with where the location is or if getting into the workplace is awkward, it can have quite a significant effect on things. Think about your staff members and how they’ll feel about their commutes because it may be a deal-breaker for many if you’re situated in an awkward position.

Purchase The Right Equipment and Devices Necessary 

In this day and age, we use so much technology and so many modern pieces of equipment. If you want your staff to feel encouraged, then you’ll have to invest in some good stuff. If they feel as though they’re stuck in the past or that they can’t work as well as they’d like, then they may have second thoughts about where they’re working.

Allow Regular Training So That They Can Feel Improved and Very Useful

While your staff will likely be pretty competent where they are, there will be times when they’ll need to learn a thing or two. They’ll also need to brush up on a few ideas that perhaps they already know about. Keeping them on their toes will stop them from stagnating in terms of their ability or even going backward. Whether you’re a finance company needing to learn about crypto lending basics or your staff just need a few social skills courses, they’ll be grateful for it and receive a boost if they have anything about them.

Keep The Facilities and Utilities To A High Standard

If you’re working in a place where you simply just don’t feel comfortable inside, then you’re not going to work as well. We’re talking about something as simple as the lighting and the heating. The café or the vending machines also play a part. The toilets and hygiene areas will also be important for any member of staff. If these kinds of fundamentals are looked after, then you should be good to go in terms of productivity.

Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure All The Time 

As a leader, you must know when to put a little pressure on your staff and when to ease off a little. This is a skill that comes with time and experience. It’s almost an art. To know when to put the right amount of pressure on someone isn’t something that just happens. Nobody wants their boss breathing down their neck all the time. Nobody wants to feel as though they’re a little useless either. Allow them to feel challenged when they need it but don’t be too heavy on them when they’re feeling the heat.

Published: May 12, 2022

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