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How to Weather a Market Downturn (Video)

By: Jay Duffy


How to weather a market downturn

The stock market goes through natural cycles of ups and downs. Recent years have seem remarkable growth in stocks, but it’s inevitable that eventually we’ll experience a market downturn. That doesn’t just impact your personal finances; it can have significant influence over your business decisions and outcomes.

One of the most important things to remember when the market starts to cycle downward is to remain committed to your plan. Historically, the stock market still gives back more than it takes, and staying calm and focused on your long term goal is the best way to ride the waves. Even if it feels like that wave is pushing you off course, remember–the market always corrects itself in favor of the investors who don’t run away.

To help you understand how best to weather a downturn, I created this short video with tips on how to handle it. You can watch for more handy financial tips at https://www.framewealth.com/.

Published: April 4, 2024

Source: Frame Wealth Partners

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