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Don’t Ignore the Human Factor When Managing Your Business Assets

By: Zak Goldberg


Dont Ignore the Human Factor When Managing Assets

Asset management can be an overwhelming process, one that demands constant attention regardless of business size or shares. No company is an island, but the summation of accumulated assets. As businesses begin to grow, mounting resources like finance, branding and buildings begin to falter if they are deprived of proper management.

Consequently, you need to manage assets effectively to perform well. Nothing but attentive inspection will suffice, and you need to know the right things to look for in asset analysis whether your business is big or small. Although, not only do you need to identify the threats, but you also need to know why it’s so important that you do.

Awareness and Education

In business pursuits, it is often the case that ambition eclipses awareness. Many set out thinking they know it all, that the market is theirs to manipulate and bend to their will. They look to a future that may never come, and neglect to be educated on the interior workings of their own business.

To succeed, you must cancel out any risk of this ignorance. Managing assets answers the fundamental questions; where is the money going? What do we need? How can we achieve it? Where are we weakest? Ultimately, as the practice becomes more accessible, there really is no excuse for not knowing what happens inside your own company.

Influences from the Outside

Businesses can succumb to fraud among other external threats, and only asset management can combat them efficiently. The devil is in the details, and they can fester from within or even originate from economic crises that your company must adapt to.

However, outside influences can be positive too. Companies such as GAM work tirelessly as a global asset management firm, securing growth for stakeholders. Such companies have the resources and capabilities to adapt to the individual client needs, ensuring cost effective plans even in the most turbulent of times. In the end, there is no shame in calling in backup!

The Human Asset

Many perceive a company to be a bunch of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and dense Word documents, crunching numbers and rhetoric into a black hole of data. Emails fly back and forth as if managed by emotionless robots, and the heart of a company and its people quickly deteriorate.

However, all the data a company holds is conclusively representative of the most important asset; its people. Their roles are vital, with contributions and efforts that must be recorded and rewarded. After all, people are the starting point of any company, and any asset worth can be traced back to a hard-working employee who should be valued highly. Ultimately, with a happier workforce comes better results.

Published: October 18, 2017

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