Rameet Chawla

Mr. Rameet Chawla is the founder of Fueled, a mobile design and development company based in New York and London, and the founder of the Fueled Collective, a co-working space comprised of over 25 startups in downtown Manhattan. Combining a decade of experience architecting Web and mobile applications with his innate sense of style, Chawla has created apps for a wide range of industry clients, from high-end fashion brands to successful tech startups. Chawla is passionate about building and being involved in disruptive technology ventures and can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.


The First 5: How to Hire Those Critical Early Employees

Similar to the foundation of a house, the founding team of a startup ultimately determines its future and potential for success—it’s the base on which the rest of the business will be built. Without a strong, durable, and well-balanced founding team there for support, a startup could crumble under the pressures of entrepreneurship.