David Fishof

David Fishof has represented some of the biggest names in entertainment—from one of the Beatles to Super Bowl MVPs—and is the creator of the highly successful Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp™. In his new book, Rock Your Business Fishof compiles some of his most interesting stories and shrewd business advice from a seasoned 25-year career. For more information about Fishof, Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp™, and Rock Your Business, visit http://rockcamp.com/rock-your-business.php.  


8 Ways to Rock Your Business, From the Founder of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp

You don’t have to have an international rock star headlining your idea in order to know if it’s worth pursuing, nor do you need a million dollars to make it a success. Through my experiences developing concerts, tours, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, I’ve discovered that great ideas all share four common characteristics.