Arlene Weintraub,

Arlene Weintraub has over fifteen years of experience writing about health care, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. She has been published in USA Today, US News & World Report, Technology Review, and other media outlets. Her book about the anti-aging industry, Selling the Fountain of Youth, was published by Basic Books in September 2010. She was previously a senior health writer for BusinessWeek, where she wrote hundreds of articles that explored both the science and business of health.


I Screwed Up: How Three Famed Entrepreneurs Learned From Failure

 Fran Tarkenton, the football-pro-turned-businessman, tasted failure straight out of the entrepreneurship gate. “When I was 27, a lawyer friend told me he could help me start a business, and he could run it, and I should use my money,” Tarkenton says.