Businesses today often have a need to ensure their phone system is secure. Whether you use an office phone system or a smart phone system, you can talk with phone representatives who can resolve your security problems with the right system for you. Here are some options for you to consider for landline systems and smart phones.

AT&T Lucent and Motorola STU-III Secure Phones

The Secure Telephone Unit – Third Generation is an inexpensive, user-friendly device that provides security to companies. By design, terminals operate with reliability and strong voice quality. The quality is the same when used as ordinary telephones or secure instruments.

The phone uses a full-duplex system over a single telephone circuit, which reduces echos from technology. STU-IIIs come equipped with 2.4 and 4.8 kbps code-excited linear prediction secure voice. The data throughput between two STU-IIIs can only be as great as the slowest STU-III connected.

Secure Terminal Equipment Office Phone

This system is the evolutionary successor to the STU-III. The STE program will ensure voice communications are secure from ship or land. It uses a digital base instead of analog. The STE cryptographic engine is on a removable Fortezza Plus KRYPTON ™ Personal Computer Memory Card International Association card, which is provided separately. The STE Data Terminal provides a reliable, secure, high-rate digital data modem for applications where only data transfer is required.

Blackphone 2

This smartphone is the most secure consumer devices. It comes preloaded with a security-focused variant of Android, dubbed PrivatOS 1.1, and the entire suite of Silent Circle’s encrypted text messaging and calling apps. The smartphone is enterprise-ready, featuring mobile device management integration and remote-locking and wiping functionality.

Boeing Black

This was created by the aerospace and defense airplane contractor. The company has produced a phone that comes with trusted data transmission for connections to both classified and unclassified networks, which, in part, led to the device being approved for Department of Defense use. The phone has a Fort Knox level of security, including a self-destruct mechanism if you try to tamper with its processes. However, it will not burn up in your pocket.


The Thales Group built this phone for the French president. When used, you get both secure phone and text messages. The flip-phone works on both 2G and 3G networks. A light will tell the receiver if a phone is secure. You also will not be able to tamper with it. If you are sitting at your desk, it works as a secure landline too.

FreedomPop Privacy Phone

FreedomPop, a U.S.-based cellular company, built a device that is not able to be hacked and provides privacy to users. It is based on Samsung hardware and Android software. The phone allows you to browse the Internet without being known and offers 128-bit encryption for texting and calling. You also can buy it without being known if you use bitcoins.

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